Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Sister Mary's Halfway House, Halfway to Death...

Yep...you make a few mistakes...maybe fire a weapon...or punch some drunk at a bar...or the typical one to two years for breaking and entering...and you are pretty much screwed.  Still the joint is over crowded so an early parole (as long as you haven't shimmed a guard) is probable.  Once on the outside again we have the freedom to try what got us in the slammer the first time...but this time do it right.  No witnesses...no DNA evidence...no mistakes.  Pity!  Karma just isn't with released felons.  Hence, today we take a look at a neat 33 minute film by Juan Diaz, "Sister Mary's Halfway House."

He's out!  After 10 years up the river.  Jon (Juan Diaz) is sent to a halfway house run by a prudish and no nonsense nun, Sister Mary (Jen Diaz).  She has a few rules which he'll break.  Uh oh...worried so much about his next big score, Jon is slow on the uptake to realize some strange kimchi is taking place in the place.  A loose eyeball in his breakfast sandwich doesn't jolt Jon.  This may not be anything too outlandish after eating prison food for a decade.  Then the monster appears.  It's ghastly and ghoulish.  Hints of Satanic rites seem to motivate it.

Jon has been gone for a long time and erotic dreams also plague him.  The dreams get more monstrous and Jon appears to be changing just a bit...you'll see.  The day of his next big score is coming soon.  Sister Mary is watching him closely...but why?  As the monster seems to have plans for Jon, it is apparent the cops aren't what he has to worry about.

Fans of Juan Diaz films will love this study of a newly released felon unable to go clean.  Perhaps a metaphor for the emptiness the world has to offer a man needing a second (or a fifth) chance, this film has erotic shower scenes, disgusting bathroom scenes, slimy monster scenes, and naked babes (and their posteriors) in mortal danger.  What lurks in Sister Mary's Halfway House and what does it want with Jon?  Is Sister Mary in danger, too...or is she in cahoots with the green monster?  Are eyeballs in sandwiches and erotic-minded green monsters a better incentive to stay straight when released from prison than hopes of landing a dishwashing job?  "Sister Mary's Halfway House" is a neat horror film with humor, gore, a monster, a weird nun, and a pathetic and seemingly doomed protagonist.

To view SISTER MARY'S HALFWAY HOUSE on YouTube, click this link SISTER MARY

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