Monday, May 31, 2021

Hell Fire, Hookers vs The Anti-Christ

Disgusting. Over-the-top. Heretical. Gory. Erotic. No redeeming qualities.  Hooked yet?  Well, the hookers in this film will hook you in, no doubt.  They'll use sex appeal, nail guns, power drills, machetes, pistols, and stilettos.  This will be a hard film to tell your friends about but when the end titles roll you will be yelling, "Wow!"  Or maybe, "Yes!"  Or maybe, "More!"  2015's "Hell Fire," directed by Mark Fratto may be one of those masterpieces you have never heard about.  

A bunch of hookers, dressed in stilettos and hooker outfits, raid a brothel to rip off their pimp.  Okay, I admit, who among us has never done that...sure, I get it. They go in guns a blazing and murder most of the whores, pimps, and drug dealers.  Poor, beautiful Cinnamon (Kasey Williams), she takes a round in the gut.  The hookers retreat with no money but with a hostage they believe has the cash, the Anti-Christ (J. Scott Green).  They don't immediately know he is the devil's son and lead hooker Rosetta (Selena Beretta) will begin torturing him with a power drill.  The anti-Christ begins messing with the hookers brains.  Justine (Koko Marshall) emerges as a babe who leads the fight against the anti-Christ.

The hookers turn on each other.  The anti-Christ even turns some into demons.  Cat-fights ensue...vicious cat-fights.  Fingers will be bitten off, axes will be secured in foreheads,  and Cinnamon, oh yeah, she's still alive, will gut herself...and still be alive.  The anti-Christ has a plan and possesses some of the hookers to carry it out.  Justine over hears the anti-Christ make a deal with Rosetta. Now Rosetta is in cahoots with Satan's spawn.  Pre-marital sex will seal the deal.  Justine, with her tight party dress and stilettos, will be pummeled, slapped, stabbed, and...well, you'll see, as she attempts to stop the anti-Christ from defeating God.  You'll be able to smell the estrogen and cheap perfume as the goriest cat-fights you have ever seen play out on your screen.

Will Justine be able to stop the anti-Christ from conquering the world?  What is in this for Rosetta?  Do we need more cat-fight filled thrillers with a lot of guts, decapitations, and disembowelment? Yes we do!  See "Hell Fire," and be ready to cheer.  You may not be able to tell your friends you saw and enjoyed this film, but those same friends would have you watch a Cate Blanchett movie.  See "Hell Fire," and in a very secret way, give your hoity toity buddies the middle finger.


  1. Yes. This movie has one of the best ending of any movie. Very creative.