Monday, May 3, 2021

Feast of Flesh, Love Slaves of the Demented

Today, from Argentina, we have a metaphor of the horrible carnage reeked on a once great nation by Evita Peron. 1967's "Feast of Flesh" (aka "Placer Sangriento") is our feature today. A country of beauty and art turned into a cesspool of socialism and poverty...Argentina under the Peron regime. This film has beach babes, frolicking in the surf and making out with beach hunks turned into the love slaves of a mad-scientist who may be a disfigured fiend. Directed by Emilio Vieyra, we have a film that has allure and many Tango-Babes in much peril. 

Some evil figure is injecting Argentinian beach babes with a drug and hypnotizing them with his spooky organ music. Hypnotizing to do what? The frolicking nubile damsels are then summoned to his abode where they get naked, make-out, swap a lot of spit, and probably have pre-marital sex with this monster. When a girl or two shows up dead, an internationally renown detective, Ernesto Lauria (Mauricio De Ferrarris) arrives to lead the investigation.  He'll immediately interview a babe-witness, Beba (Gloria Prat). They'll swap a lot of spit and she will spend the rest of the film seducing him.

Lauria's investigation takes him to a nightclub at the beach where all the abducted gals attended. The pianist, Silvio (Ricardo Bauleo) is quite the charmer and seems to be hiding a lot. The gals keep getting hypnotized and can't wait to rip their clothes off and be ravaged by the fiend. Lauria finds out that the weird organ music triggers the trances in the babes and comes up with a couple of investigative strategies. Now Beba is put in danger as she is the next in the cross-hairs of this mysterious phantom. 

Just who is this mysterious beach phantom? Can we blame him for putting beach babes in trances to get some make-out action? Were the trance-like minions of the Peron Era Argentina as compliant and amorous as the beach babes in this film? Dark, quirky, and jazzy, "Feast of Flesh" is a weird one you will want to see.

To see FEAST OF FLESH free on the Forgotten Horror YouTube channel, click this link Feast of Flesh


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