Thursday, May 27, 2021

Fox Force, Rape Revenge Mess

You've seen these films before. They have "this won't turn out well" written all over them. Five sultry Australian beauties all have a gripe and seek revenge. Gripe may be an understatement. We all know what happens when non-criminals come up with the "perfect" criminal plot. Yep, it never goes the way it's supposed to. Those who looked like geniuses yesterday turn into bumbling fools. Pity...because the babes who dabble in a plot of revenge do have good reasons for doing it. From 2009, "Fox Force," aka "Tomboys," (directed by Nathan Hill) is our feature today.

The beautiful and quite irate Kat (Candice Day) leads four of her friends into a remote barn. Naomi (Naomi Davis) seems to be her primary comrade in arms. The babes drag in with them a sack of s*** named Kyle (Daniel Rankin). Kyle raped Kat. We'll hear details of the rape later, but it was vicious. Emily (Sash Milne), Imogen (Allie Hall), and Crystal (Sarah Hill) are also present. Kyle was abducted by the femme gang of rape victims. Kyle has a sack over his head. He's been bloodied and overpowered. The gals string him up and castrate him. Uh oh...he bleeds out and dies. Uh oh again...when the sack is removed from his head...we see they grabbed the wrong guy!

Time to give up? Imogen wants to. Not Kat, who is the alpha here. The gals then go abduct the real Kyle. Kyle is unrepentant and tells Kat she had it coming. This isn't a good move as Kat and her buddies have torture tools with them. As the will of the group weakens now that blood has been shed, Kat must keep them together and focused on the original goal which was...well, they don't seem too sure of this. Kill him? Castrate him? Yell at him? Torture him? Crystal comes forward as a psycho babe, even making Kat wince. Forces come into play that ensure whatever the gals do to Kyle, their fate won't be the happiest.

This is a hard one to watch. Kat is so brutal, we have a hard time sympathizing with her, even though we know we should. The group cohesiveness deteriorates and now Kat may be isolated by her comrades. Will Kat and her gang survive the carnage? What form of revenge will Kyle be subject to? Is it possible for a film to turn rape victims into the villains? The answers may surprise and shock you. For a bitter, angry, and brutal rape/revenge film (as if there are irreverent and feel-good ones), see "Fox Force."  


  1. 'I told you so,' is your line, as guest reviewer, in this movie, sitting in the corner of the bar, drinking a Milwaukee Paps Beer... now wouldn't that be cool. Any directors paying attention? This guy deserves it.

  2. I'm online friends with the director of this one. I give it props for being a rape revenge film without a rape scene.