Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Happy Hell Night, Frat Boys and Sorority Gals Shredded

You'll never guess! A slasher film from the 1980s focusing on hunk frat boys and sultry sorority dames! Who would've thunk it!  Throw in some paranormal satanic rites, a psycho Satanist priest, pickaxe murders, severed limbs, and all sorts of other gore.  Oh yes...a dominatrix (Gala Videnovic) and sultry foreign exchange student,  and pre-marital sex will also dot the landscape on 1982's "Happy Hell Night," directed by Brian Owens.

A fraternity prank many years ago revives a demon who occupies a priest, Father Malius (Charles Cragin).  Many years later the same fraternity is trying to win the "Best Prank" award.  They will recreate the prank by sending two pledges, Ralph (Jeffrey Miller) and Sonny (Frankie Hughes) to infiltrate the asylum and see Malius. Oh! Sonny is banging Liz (Laura Carney).  See, Liz is Eric's GF (Nick Gregory). Plus, Sonny is Eric's younger brother. Eric is the fraternity president.  Big party for Hell Night.  Many sultry sorority chicks are on their way for pre-marital sex.  All of them will be chopped up before they can deliver a second line (this includes Jorja Fox).

The asylum prank doesn't go well.  This causes the escape of Malius and the murder of a very pretty nurse in white (Lisa Rankin).  Now Malius is loose and he does not approve of fornicating, television, or pre-marital sex.  His trusty pickaxe will drive his points home and many beautiful coeds and their brute boyfriends will learn their lessons the hard way.  Now Darren McGavin shows up...he is the dad of Eric and Sonny...he won't be much help.  Liz now takes charge, since she knows Latin and can recite some ancient incantations.  Still, Liz is a fornicator and Malius is quite aware of this.

Will Liz and all her sins be able to end Malius' evil torment with a few Latin words?  After screwing both brothers, will Liz seduce Darren McGavin...or does even she have limits?  Is Malius' prudishness something that today's American university system could use a little more of?  Gore, nudity, and deviant sexual practices highlight this 1980s slasher film.  For some great times reminiscent of your 1980s movie going experiences, see "Happy Hell Night."    

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