Monday, May 17, 2021

Fang, Werewolves in the Family

We all have relatives we haven't seen in years.  Let us not forget, before going to visit, that there is a reason we haven't seen them in years.  Partners in a bloodline doesn't always make for compatibility.  Today we have a blood wrenching story featuring a pretty babe, her scrawny boyfriend, drug dealers, werewolves, and buckets of blood and ripped off body parts.  Let us take a look at 2018's "Fang," directed by Adam R. Steigert.

Babe Chloe (Melodie Roehrig) and her boyfriend, Joe (Theo Kemp) are junkies needing a fix.  They murder a motorist for cash and now are on the run.  Chloe has an uncle and aunt living in the country and figures they'll go hide out there.  She hasn't seen these relatives in years.  On the way they help two stranded motorists...the hunk Chris (Jason John Beebe) and babe Shelly (Jennie Russo).  Now four head to the mysterious country estate.  They are welcomed in by weird caretaker, Harold (Gregory Blair).  At sundown Uncle Roy (Patrick Mallette) and Aunt Doris (Melantha Blackthorne) appear.  These two are weird.

The bloody carnage starts immediately.  After a revolting dinner of human body innards...the four guests realize they are locked in the house.  Doris changes into a werewolf and begins shredding the guests.  Now, very bloodied, the guests are on the run.  Uh oh...Eric (Christopher Burns, Jr.) is found chained in the basement.  He's being fattened up by Doris by being forced to eat other humans.  The nubile and scantily clad Shelly will have her slinky white gown stained blood red.  Chloe, still looking radiant, has a plan for escape and figures out silver bullets may be the way to go.  As Joe continues being useless, Chloe acts and the bloody conclusion will surely please.

If the nubile Chloe survives this mess, will she dump the useless Joe and find a hunk with earning power?  Do we all have werewolves in our least in a figurative sense?  Will there be a sequel based on another uncle and aunt who are vampires?  Bloody and filled with cheesecake and beefcake, "Fang" is a very low budget jewel...a ruby red jewel.      

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