Saturday, May 15, 2021

Death Factory, Tiffany Shepis as a Metal Toothed Monster

Tiffany Shepis is a favorite of mine.  This great horror film actress has died a million horrible deaths in these movies.  Today she will inflict bloody death with some menacing metal teeth and Freddy Kruger hands.  Internal organs will fly and many hunks and babes will die horribly.  Today we look at 2002's "Death Factory," directed by Brad Sykes.

Babe Alyson (Allison Beal) and hunk Josh (Michale Okarma) will die horribly while engaging in pre-marital sex in an old abandoned factory.  Now three college babes and three college hunks have a brilliant idea. Bad girl Louisa (Karla Zamudio) suggests a party at the old factory.  Her bestie Rachel (Lisa Jay) hesitantly agrees when she finds out her soon to be boyfriend, Derek (Jeff Ryan) will attend.  Also attending is bad boy Troy (Jason Flowers) and the very amorous pair, Francis (David Kalamus) and Letitia (Rhonda Jordan).  They bring beer, tunes, and their libidos.

 Uh oh...a monster is living there.  The monster, Alexa (Shepis), has metal teeth and she likes to gut and disembowel with her knife hands.  Her kills are elongated and often end with her eating the neck of her victims.  The pre-marital sex gets underway and the men will make their women scream in agony.  The once shy Rachel allows Derek to get to third base as Alexa starts disemboweling these kids.  Oh yes...Alexa?  Well, the backstory is a good one and will set up a nice twist.  Nakedness and gore will rule the day as we wonder if any of these great looking peeps will survive the blood wrath of Alexa.

Just what is Alexa's story?  Will Derek have what it takes to steal home with Rachel?  Has anyone ever survived after having deviant pre-marital sex in a mysteriously placed bed in an abandoned factory?  Tiffany Shepis is horrifying as the mutant and twisted monster.  The kills are detailed and go on for so long.  For some great blood soaked cheesecake and beefcake, see "Death Factory." 

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