Thursday, May 13, 2021

Lake of Dracula, Vampire Besets Sisters

He did get around...Count Dracula, that is.  In a Michio Yamamoto trilogy, Dracula invades Japan. 1971's "Lake of Dracula" is his first film in the trilogy. All the films will have beset Japanese babes, many not faring well.  All three films boast of wild endings with a lot of blood, screaming, and nubile damsels in much peril. 

Akiko (Midori Fujita) and her sister Natsuko (Sanae Emi) are a beautiful pair of sisters who reside near a resort lake. Akiki is haunted by a dream from a childhood that has inspired her to paint a horrific picture of a madman with evil yellow eyes. All is not dreadful for Akiko, she has a hunk boyfriend, a doctor. Dr. Takashi (Chuei Takahashi) adores Akiko. Her sister Natsuko is trying to get him to ask Akiko to marry him. Uh oh...a mysterious crate is delivered to the caretaker of the resort. Yep, it is a coffin with you know who in it. Now beautiful women start turning up almost dead with fang marks on their neck. Uh oh, Natsuko is acting strange...and soon she will also grow fangs.

Natsuko isn't the vampire's first choice...Akiko is. Natsuko helps the toothy menace capture Akiko. Not so fast, Takashi, who has treated blood drained babes at the hospital, figures out what is going on. He rushes in to save the nubile Akiko. With Akiko in mortal danger, Takashi hypnotizes Akiko so she will remember the horrible childhood dream that inspired her macabre painting. Takashi better hurry, Natsuko has just drained a pretty nurse in white of her blood. Now Akiko's repressed memory will lead her and Takashi to the hidden mansion where the vampire and Natsuko await.

The ending is wild and loud...and the nubile damsels are quite sultry. For you ladies, Takashi and the vampire are quite buff, and will be pleasing to your eyes. Will the beautiful nurse in white also turn into a vampire? Will Natsuko bite her sister, or will the mysterious kin of Dracula save her for himself? Will Dracula entertain the possibility of a threesome with sisters? This is a good one and Hammer Studios would have been proud. For an action and blood packed vampire film, see "Lake of Dracula."


  1. A Japanese Dracula, no brainer, nice find!!!

  2. A worthy adaptation of Stoker’s great book!

  3. And your review captures the intense creepiness exactly!