Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Four, Another Perfect Plan

Yep...a fool proof plan. We all know what happens when a schmuck comes up with the perfect plan. We've seen this in movies...high school...college...at work...etc... Everyone looks in the mirror and believes a genius is staring back at them. In reality, large portions of the population are incredibly stupid or insane. Besides, even if your plan is perfect, you will have to interact with the stupid and insane and they will have to act as you predicted they would. Hence 2011's "Four."
A business man...we will call him husband (Craig Conway). He's ticked and of course no one screws with him. He hires a thug/private detective (Sean Pertwee). The perfect plan? Detective will kidnap wife's lover (Martin Compston), deliver him to an abandoned warehouse so husband can torture him a little, scare him, and send him off never to see wife again. What could go wrong? When your detective keeps raving about the film "Reservoir Dogs," well, he probably doesn't have the temperament to execute the perfect plan. Part one goes well (apparently), as lover is brought to the warehouse. Uh oh...detective is all into torture but husband begins to lose his nerve.
Then the big uh oh...acting on his own, detective took the liberty to abduct the wife. Now sitting in another area of the warehouse, tied up, is the wife. As lover is indeed scared to stop fooling around, an angry husband goes to see wife (Kierston Wareing). Then what happens is so magnificent and classic. No spoilers here but Kierston Wareing is wonderful. Wife has a few surprises for all involved. Even though she is tied up the woman takes over and manipulates well. This won't devolve into torture porn but a neat psychological cat-and-mouse contest. Another point brought out by this film, you may think you know what scares people and what their reactions will be to your 'brilliance,' but in reality...you haven't a clue.
Exactly how does the sultry wife turn the tables on her tormentors? Though murder wasn't part of the original plan, will this strategy be adjusted? Sean Pertwee usually dies in his films (the male version of Kelly Hu), but will he survive the conniving wife he just abducted? This is a fun one and may remind some of "Deathtrap," though the surprise at the end of this film is of a different nature. Enjoy "Four," a neat psychological thriller directed by John Langridge.

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  1. Bravo, the husband is gunna die a grisly death at the hands of his wife...