Saturday, May 29, 2021

Rest in Pieces, Euro-Trash from Spain

There is no hard definition of "Euro-Trash." The logic the blowhards of the U.S. Supreme Court put forth in a 1970s pornography case applies here.  We can't define it...but we know it when we see it. 1987's Spanish horror film "Rest in Pieces" is Euro-Trash. Why? Because the staple of this film, the sultry blonde actress Loren Jean Vail, runs around in much peril while topless through most of the film. She jiggles a lot while surrounded by wooden characters.  Today we look at this film, directed by Jose Ramon Larraz.

Tennis pro Bob (Scott Thompson Baker) accompanies his sultry wife Helen (Vail) to Spain where she has inherited her Aunt Catherine's (Dorothy Malone) estate.  It is a sprawling estate with Catherine's millions buried somewhere on it.  Uh oh...tenants...all weird.  Yep, some weird tenants occupy the houses on the estate and they don't want to leave.  The hauntings first a nude. wet, and shiny Helen will have an encounter with her dead aunt while taking a bath.  Then she keeps seeing her aunt watching her. That night, her aunt lures her into the garage where she tries to kill her again.  Now the tenants show their mettle. They hire a pompous stringed quartet to perform. After the performance, the tenants butcher the four musicians, cut up their bodies, and eat them.

The tenants are led by Dr, Anderson (Jeffrey Segal) and  a weird reverend.  Oh yes, there is also a seductress...a kinky maid named Lisa (Carole James) who tries to seduce Bob.  The tenants will murder again and try to bring Catherine back from the dead.  Uh oh...Lisa finds out that all these tenants apparently died a few years ago in an insane asylum and Anderson was their treating physician.  Uh oh again...Catherine was institutionalized at the same asylum.  Now the living dead tenants reveal their plans for Helen.

Just what do the weird tenants want to do with Helen? What happened at the aforementioned looney bin a few years back that spelled the death of these tenants?  Will Bob and Helen ever figure out that they should get back to the airport and take a flight back to L.A.? This is a gory one featuring a lot of nudity by the stunning Ms. Vail.  For a vicious ghost story with gratuitous nudity, see "Rest in Pieces."

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  1. I'll watch it just for the nude scene, thanks for the tip off!!