Saturday, December 1, 2018

Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key, Edwige Fenech Has Sex with Everyone

When Edwige Fenech makes her first appearance in 1972's Italian thriller "Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key," she is clad in a miniskirt and black go-go boots. appropriate. Fans of Edwige Fenech will love this film which will see this actress engaged in passionate sex with just about everyone, including her uncle...and aunt. Throw in some gory killings, a cat named Satan, and family intrigue and we have an Italian film directed by Sergio Martino.
Before Edwige enters the plot we have the sultry Irina (Anita Strindberg). She is married to Oliviero (Luigi Pistilli). Oliviero's mom just died, making him really sad because he liked to have sex with his mom. The only way Irina can get her husband to have sex with her is to dress up in his mom's gowns. This also earns her severe beatings from this abusive spouse. Oh yes, murders start occurring near their villa as beautiful Italian ladies are sliced up with a sickle and it looks like Oliviero is the culprit.  As Irina continues to get beaten by Oliviero, the dead mom's cat, Satan, keeps attacking her. On cue, the niece arrives, Floriana (Fenech). She'll quickly have passionate lesbian sex with Irina, straight sex with Oliviero, and fun sex with a dirt-bike racer...after all, it is Edwige Fenech.
Floriana is appalled at the beatings Irina endures at the hands of Oliviero. Floriana may be an ally of Irina but she does get thrills satisfying Oliviero as he has become impotent with everyone else but his niece. As the bodies of beautiful women keep popping up, and as Satan hunts Irina, it becomes apparent that Floriana's arrival isn't a random visit and she is up to something. Oh yes...did I mention Floriana has spent the last six months living in a free-love colony? Now Irina believes that her husband is the killer and that he next plans to murder her.
Is Oliviero the killer, and does he plan to murder his wife? Exactly what is Floriana up to, and will there be anyone in this film she doesn't have passionate sex with? Is Satan the cat really the ghost of Oliviero's dead mother? Yep, a relevant story for all of us chronicling intrigue that we all have in our own lives, "Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key" is terrific horror/exploitation giving Edwige Fenech fans exactly what they want to see.

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  1. Always thought Cat's were Satan's onvoy... or envoy .. well you get what I'm saying, wonderful review, now I see where you are getting ideas for your next magnum opus111