Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Dinner Party, An Awkward and Haunting Meal

As we ready ourselves for some holiday dinner parties, there doesn't seem a lot that can go wrong. In this season of joy we are thankful for beautiful families, wonderful jobs, beautiful (...or handsome) spouses, and dear friends. However, how many of us actually live The Hallmark Channel existence? In reality...are our kids that good, and are our existences really that fine? After all, no matter how many blessings are perceived to come our way, a bit of paranormal interference and underachieving offspring can slap some cold reality into us.
Everything should be going Ryan's (Ryan Carl Rowley) way. He has a beautiful wife (Heather Alyse Becker) and fawning friends (Corey Wilson and Juliana Labarbiera). On this particular night, Ryan and his wife Heather are throwing a small dinner party to celebrate his new promotion. Uh oh...Joel (Joel Wetterstein) is home from school...and he has...well...issues. He is the proverbial glass of cold water thrown on this warm occasion. As Ryan's disappointment and anger seep out, the long-haired, maggot infested Joel has a surprise or two for his dad. In a horrific episode, Joel confronts his dad...or is it Joel? Ghostly haunting takes over this party and a new dynamic is thrust on Ryan's reality and home-life.
This seven minute horror short is a subtle horror story that packs a message we can all learn from. Are our disappointments given to us in life by unrealistic expectations? Are voices from the grave still controlling us in an unhealthy manor? Exactly what are our responsibilities to those we should be showing unconditional love to?  Written and directed by Ryan Carl Rowley, "The Dinner Party" is an uncomfortable and haunting tale of the monsters our selfish egos and hateful criticisms can birth.

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