Monday, December 31, 2018

Alien Lockdown, Lip-Gloss and Toothy Monsters

No one has ever worn lip-gloss better than Michelle Goh. This actress from Vancouver via Singapore smears it on with much allure as she fights a horde of slimy and toothy creatures in a mountain laboratory. Goh's character is perfect for fighting the creatures as she survived the Brisbane operation. What is the Brisbane operation? Not important in this film but surfeit to mention, Goh's portrayal has inspired the idea I have come up with for my next novel. So until I publish Ghosts of Brisbane, let us chat about the 2004 made for SciFi Channel film "Alien Lockdown" (aka "Creature").
Skipping the first ten minutes, let us begin at a secret laboratory hidden in the mountains. Dr. Woodman (John Savage) has gone rogue. Instead of creating a monster organism to replace human soldiers on the battlefield, he commandeered the experiment for more selfish reasons. His goal is to let it loose and wipe out mankind. Because our lip-gloss clad heroine survived the Brisbane operation she is sent with a team to take-out Woodman and his creature...and anyone else who happens to be there. Talon is our lip-gloss clad tactical commander and she looks great in a black tactical suit...and lip-gloss.
The team enters the facility and the war begins. The creature seeks to feed on all the soldiers and it will. Talon finds Charlie (James Marshall), Woodman's IT guy. Charlie is the only survivor and knows everything that Woodman plans. Meanwhile the thing goes through Talon's men like crap through a goose and then hundreds of mini-creatures emerge...bad news. Talon, still sporting some mean lip-gloss, tries to save her men while seeking to kill the monsters and Woodman. Uh oh...Talon and her lip-gloss find out she may have been sent on this mission because she is the only eyewitness from the Brisbane operation and her superiors find witnesses inconvenient. The lip-gloss beauty alters the goals of her strategy and an explosive and monstrous finale await.
Michelle Goh is ravishing in this and when she peels off the black tactical suit revealing a nice tight blue jump suit (still smacking her lip-gloss), we want to cheer. Will the slimy creatures ruin Talon's beautiful face and interfere with her application of more lip-gloss? Are there any more surprises or betrayal in store for Talon or her lip-gloss? Why aren't more action-heroines clad in exaggerated lip-gloss applications in today's new releases? Great creature f/x and lots of creatures enhance this made for SciFi Channel does Michelle Goh.  Do yourself a favor and eschew "Welcome to Marwen" in favor of the far superior "Alien Lockdown."

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