Saturday, December 15, 2018

Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf, Spaghetti Western With Samurais

Sarah McCarthy, Jennifer Mullaney, and Chikako Omura don't get top billing in today's feature, but their portrayals warms the heart of everyone who enjoys this blog. The three dancers, clad in shiny bikinis and black go-go boots is a plot device that Kurando Mitsutake utilizes to draw all of us fans of 1970s exploitation in. Sure they're gratuitous, and eventually they will die in equally as gratuitous fashion. So let us take a peak at 2009's "Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf"...part spaghetti western...part Kung Fu epic...part 70s exploitation...all fun!
In a vicious backstory, a loving husband must witness the brutal murder of his family. He will also be forced to blind himself. Seven years later, our left for dead dad is now Blind Wolf...sworn to avenge the murder of his family. The fiend? Nathan Flesher...sadistic psycho. Flesher is due to get out of jail and Blind Wolf is determined to kill him on the spot. Not so fast! Flesher hires seven of the most colorful assassins ever put on film. The aforementioned dancers are merely henchwomen for one of the assassins. Their death by skewering is such a beautiful thing.
As Blind Wolf treks toward the jail he is eventually joined by a drifter (Jeffrey James Lippold). This bloke has his own tragic backstory and together they go through assassins like crap through a goose. Don't fret...our three bikini dancers may have assumed room temperature, but other babes will also enter the plot...and you will love Mariko Denda as the hypnotist assassin. These assassins aren't just thugs with guns, each of them has a great story straight out of 70s exploitation. Quentin Tarrantino would be proud. Beware...betrayal and carnage awaits our duo.
Will Blind Wolf  make it through gauntlet of assassins and deliver sword justice to Flesher? Just what did Blind Wolf go through in the seven years since his family's demise that made him the world's greatest Samurai swordsman? Can we look forward to the aforementioned bikini babes in future Mitsutake films? If not, I'm going to steal them and make them characters in an upcoming novel. The gratuitous nature of "Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf" speaks to the heart of those of us who enjoy gratuity in our films. For spurting blood, bikini babes, and Samurai justice, see this Kurando Mitsutake masterpiece. Oh yeah...did I mention the zombies?

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