Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Blood of Ghastly Horror, Al Adamson Epic

Two mad-scientists! Lots of beautiful damsels in much distress! Zombie creatures! A very merry Christmas season is upon us as we take a look at 1967's "Blood of Ghastly Horror" (aka "Psycho-a-Go-Go"). A complicated plot, no doubt, but unlike "Jupiter Ascending," this one is so much fun. Al Adamson fans will love this film, and his critics will term it a C film. Unlike Mila Kunis, Al Adamson actually gives us a cast we want to see, like John Carraddine as a mad doctor and Regina Carrol as a buxom damsel.
Here goes, but don't pay too much attention to t he plot description. As the film starts out a zombie murders a couple of beautiful women and three cops in an alley. Meanwhile a trio of misogynist thieves rip off a jewel store. The getaway goes bad and Joe (Roy Morton) kills a fellow thief and a beautiful secretary. The jewels get misplaced onto the pick-uo truck of schmuck of a construction worker. Oh yes, Joe used to be a good guy until a brain injury left him in the care of Dr. Vanard (Carradine), who put an electronic device into his skull to re-animate dead brain tissue. All of us who have tried this at home could have told Vanard this wasn't going to work. Now Joe is an evil thug bent on knifing and raping beautiful women.
Okay, Joe tries to get his jewels back which results in him kidnapping a beautiful nightclub singer, Linda (Tacey Robbins). Joe's dad, Dr. Corey (Kent Taylor) is also a mad-scientist and seeks revenge against Vanard for turning his son into a psycho.  Dr. Corey is into voodoo, and has created a homicidal zombie to strangle anyone involved with Vanard's experiments. Susan (Regina Carrol) picks a disastrous time to return to town, and now Corey's fiend is sent to collect her. The sultry Susan is now slated to be turned into a fiendish zombie herself. Okay, that's get the picture.
Will the buxom Susan escape the vengeance of mad-scientist Corey? Will the beautiful Linda escape the evil desires of the homicidal Roy? Will the two mad-scientists end up in the ring for a fight to the death match? Enjoyable and fun, "Blood of Ghastly Horror" will warm your souls this holiday season. For fans of Al Adamson, this may not be a must-see, but its close. In fact, you know this is a winner when IMDB rates it a 2.1/10.

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  1. I've got to see this one, nothing beats those movies from the Way Back Machine. For some reason I'm still thinking of that Sexploitation movie set in the Philippines.