Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ginger, Before there was The Abductors

Okay...a beautiful blonde sunbathing in a skimpy white bikini.  Enter four other bikini babes with the intention of roughing up our heroine.  A vicious cat-fight ensues, and our blonde beauty decimates her brunette tormentor, humiliates her, strips her of her bikini, and then hogties her with that same bikini.  A classic scene from "Manchester by the Sea" wait...nope, I'm sorry...a classic scene from the 1970 sexploitation gem "Ginger." Ginger is of course played by modern day bee-keeper Cheri Caffaro.  Ms. Caffaro would reprise this role two years later in one of this blog's most popular entries The Abductors . Both these films are directed by Don Schain.
A resort town on New Jersey's coast is controlled by a Drug/Gambling/Prostitution crime syndicate. Lots of wealthy, old, bald fat men are being blackmailed after indulging in these vices. Beautiful spy/private-eye Ginger is sent in to infiltrate this organization and end it.  Ginger is straight to the point, and heads to the upper echelons of the gang. Rex (Duane Tucker), the slimy leader of this gang makes Ginger a target.  One step ahead of Rex, Ginger is waiting.  Hence the above mentioned scene with the cat-fight occurs.  After the cat-fight, Ginger takes another of Rex's beautiful gals to her hotel room and interrogates her while having wild lesbian sex with her.
The Longest Dance Scene Ever
Ginger uses sex to get what she wants.  In a contrast to how many view this film, Ginger ends up besting her male tormentors and even humiliating them with her sexual prowess. Unfortunately for some of Rex's henchmen, Ginger not only uses sex as a weapon, she also uses castration as a form of vengeance.  As Rex realizes that Ginger is a formidable foe, he takes off his kid gloves.  Ginger will have to endure rape, humiliation, and torture in her pursuit of Rex.  Beautiful women will die horribly as Ginger closes in on Rex.  Will Ginger also end up a corpse?  Exactly what does the evil Rex have in mind for his sexy pursuer?
Rex and Ginger
At no point in this film are the tenets of political correctness adhered to. Women will be raped, tortured and portrayed as sex-machines.  The N word will be used often and also some even more offensive racial epitaphs will be thrown about.  A 2018 audience will find this film inflammatory to any racial or gender discussion.  Okay, so perhaps "Ginger" won't be a film to discuss while dining with the in-laws, but if you get stuck going to see "Manchester by the Sea"... well... this 1970 sexploitation gem is a film you are going to want to see.  

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  1. Sounds like my kinda of film, never let language get in the way of a good visual feast!! If they want hi culture, there's always a shake spear (yawn) concert at the local theatre.