Saturday, December 29, 2018

Three on a Meathook, Chop Up the Pretty Girls

Oooooh!!! What an ending! Classic to the max! When the very pretty an nubile cocktail waitress Sherry (Sherry Steiner), clad in a very tight sweater and tight white short-shorts, runs into....whoa! Oops...almost gave it away. Suffice it to say Sherry will be a damsel in so much distress, you will think Janet Leigh had it easy in the shower. The last seven minutes of 1972's "Three on a Meathook" ranks up there as one of the greatest endings of all time.
As the film begins we meet four very sultry women (Linda Thompson, Kiersten Laine, Carolyn Thompson, and Marsha Tarbis). As the first few minutes roll we see them in the throes of passionate pre-marital sex and some gratuitous skinny dipping. Skinny dippers don't fare well in these films, so when the babes break down on a lonely road, late at night, we know they are making a mistake accepting a ride from Billy (James Carroll Pickett). He seems nice enough, and he brings the damsels to his farm where he lives with his grouchy dad (Charles Kissinger). Pa is not happy and warns Billy to get rid of his new friends and reminds him what happened the last time he was in the company of babes.
The four beauties will die most horribly, presumably by Billy's machete, knife, and rifle. So sad. Pa is angry and cleans up the mess, apparently like he always does when Billy has one of these episodes. Billy goes into town, gets wasted in a bar, and wakes up nude with the nude her bed. The two fall in love. Billie then asks Sherry to his farm and she!!! Yes, Sherry doesn't see criminal insanity even if it bites her on the...well, never mind. She brings her BFF Becky (Madelyn Buzzard) along, and she is a blonde beauty.  Uh oh...they will also spend the night. As Sherry and Billy fall in love, Pa pleads with his son to get rid of the two babes.  Uh oh...what happens next is sadly predictable, but then the ending...and you won't believe it.
Do Sherry and Becky have any chance of surviving? Is Billy really a homicidal maniac, or is there something else going on here?  Why are all the sexy babes meeting such lurid fates? You'll find out, and it is shocking. Directed by William Girdler, "Three on a Meathook" is some gratuitous drive-in, horror/exploitation that will deliver gore and shock.

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  1. These movies will save your life, what B grade directors know best is the human condition. Watch, enjoy, and learn, these kinda movies may just save your life.