Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Karate Kill, Karate and Snuff

Today we look at another Kurando Mitsutake film, 2016's "Karate Kill." Revenge...spurting blood...limbs flying...swords...martial arts...naked babes (and some soaked in blood). A revenge drama in which forces from the East delve into the seedier sides of the West. Sure...Presidents can drop atomic bombs on the Land of the Rising Sun, but screw around with the sister of a karate will probably die....horribly.
Kenji (Hayate Matsuzaki) arrives in L.A. to find his missing sister. The stunning and clean-cut Mayumi (Mana Sakura)...who will be nude much of this film...came to L.A. to be an actress. This didn't go well....which is a surprise because usually it does...unless Harvey Weinstein gets a hold of you. Trying to earn money she takes a job at a 'Hostess Club' and is kidnapped there by a sadistic cult who runs a web-site featuring babes being murdered for real. The cult is run by Vendenski (Kirk Geiger), a cult leader hybrid of Charles Manson and David Koresh. With much carnage, Kenji is now onto them and heads to Texas to rescue his sister who is slated to be snuffed on camera.
Kenji, a karate master, realizes bringing a chop to a gunfight may not be a great idea, joins forces with a one-armed gun beauty named Keiko (Asami...yep, her). She is the only escapee from the cult and teaches Kenji firearm techniques. Together they will try to raid the compound, kill everyone in it, and free Mayumi and the other captives. Easier said than done and Vendenski isn't as wasted as he comes across. Our hot duo walk in with attitude...but they will be expected. As Mayumi is groped, tortured and humiliated for the pleasure of perverts, Keiko and Kenji are her only hope...though they will be underdogs.
Nudity, blood soaked nude babes, and a sadistic misogynists are the antagonist here. Gore and gratuitous exploitation scenes will be thrown at you as is blood shooting out of jugular veins. Kurando Mitsutake's latest revenge epic will surely please fans of these types of films (such as me). Will Kenji save his sister? Will Keiko and Kenji engage in pre-marital sex? If the rescue is successful, will our three good guys remain pure? For a great, bloody good time, see "Karate Kill."


  1. This is Sex Ploitation with a Capital S ... I'm onto this one like blow flies to a turd!!

  2. Nice review mate this sounds fun, I've seen Gun Woman by same director which I thought had its moments from memory so will definitely check this out at some point & thanks for the heads up.