Friday, December 21, 2018

Demon of Paradise, Hawaii...Filipino Style

No movie captures the ethos of Hawaii better than 1987's "Demon of Paradise." Set in Hawaii and culminating in the United States' greatest battle, our film today has caused much controversy since its release decades ago. The director, Cirio H. Santiago has been dodging Polynesian goon squads since its release as the Hawaiian peoples are furious that this director filmed this one in The Philippines using a largely Filipino cast. Even the very seductive hula dancers are Filipino. Before the term 'cultural appropriation' was invented by the PC crowd, Mr. Santiago was labelled the greatest offender of this PC crime. {This opening paragraph has been greatly embellished}
As a reaction to maniacal fishermen using dynamite to catch fish, a monster is unleashed in the Hawaiian surf.  The thing looks like a cross between the gill-man from "Creature From the Black Lagoon" and a fiend from "Humanoids From the Deep." After killing some of the fishermen, Sheriff Keefer (William Steis) teams up with reptile scientist, the nubile Annie (Kathryn Witt). These two don't make a good team and actually aren't very successful at anything. Even when they fall in love their kiss is so awkward we just want to vomit. No matter, the creature is cool and kills a lot.
Then we get lucky, bikini model Gabby (Leslie Scarborough) arrives with her photographer. We will see her in gratuitous photo shoots, a skinny dipping scene, and being chased by cocaine thugs and a reptile monster. Her fate'll see. The only brains in this film is the sultry owner of a luxury resort, Cahill (Laura Banks). She is determined to keep her hotel open even though the absent minded sheriff wants to close it because of monster attacks. As the beast keeps killing, the U.S. Army comes to clean up the mess our sheriff and his reptile-scientist main squeeze couldn't. All out war, rivaling the D-Day invasion ensues.
Will our bikini babe fall victim to the claws of the creature, or become its love slave? Will the sheriff and Annie learn how to kiss and have pre-marital sex? Does the cultural appropriation, committed by the Filipino film industry against Hawaiians necessitate legislation to mandate reparations from The Philippines to be paid to ethnic Hawaiians? The is a cool monster film with gratuitous bikini and nude shots and a great creature. For some South Pacific fun in the surf, take a look at "Demon of Paradise."

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  1. The Hawaiians must thank the volcano gods for the land the plane for bridging the insignificant islands, even Darwin didn't do his Archipelago thingy there. Once the Hawaiians realised that the Flippers are hot babes, they need to thank the director of this movie from the bottom of their hearts. First Nation crap don't cut the grade in these kind of movies.