Thursday, December 27, 2018

Comedown, Psycho in a High-rise

I know...we all have them. We all have the 'playing cat and mouse with a psycho while wasted' story. From London, we have a nice one of these set in a condemned high-rise. The protagonists, are hardly sympathetic characters...but we'll pull for them as they meet a foe which will hunt them down and inflict torture and disembowelment. As London, a once great city, continues its fall into an abyss of ruination, we have characters that symbolize its ever increasing hopeless youth population in 2012's "Comedown."
Gang-bangers, led by recent ex-con Lloyd (Jacob Anderson) have a chance at a big money score. We gather Lloyd desires going straight and eschews drugs and violence...this won't last. His very cute GF, Jemma (Sophie Stuckey), is pregnant with his child. The two will be joined with their gang cohorts in breaking into a condemned high-rise where they used to live and install an antenna for a pirate radio station on one of the top floors.  Breaking in is easy and to celebrate, they all get wasted on pills and beer. Uh oh...some rival gang members are also in there. Double uh oh...someone still resides there. The abandoned derelict building is spooky and our wasted protagonists miss a lot of bloody hand-prints and carnage inside the security guard's shack...all poignant clues.
Okay...our psycho begins asserting his property rights. One by one he goes after the gang-bangers. The deaths will be tortuous and gory. Nail guns, surgical tools, and hunting knives will be only a few of the murder weapons. He also abducts Jemma. He puts Jemma in a cage and torments her and makes her witness the dissection of some of the victims. Now Lloyd and his gangsters begin a mad search for the pregnant damsel, but our psycho has the advantage. As eyes are shot out, internal organs are pulled out, and unfortunates are engulfed in flames, Lloyd and some survivors get close to the monster's lair and the discovery of who this guy actually is.
Will Lloyd rescue Jemma and her unborn baby? Will any of the other gangsters survive? Is this film an accurate metaphor for the hopelessness and bleakness of the existence of today's London youth? Plenty of gore, some neat kills, and a shocking ending are all thrown at you in this Menhaj Huda film, "Comedown."

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  1. Pretty accurate desciption of the UK, the immigrants have ruined the UK!!!