Sunday, December 23, 2018

Lurking Fear, Graveyard Monsters and Mud Wrestling Babes

H.P. Lovecraft! Enough said. How about Jeffrey Combs? Yep, I got your attention. Didn't Thomas Wolfe write something to the regard of, 'you can't go home again'? Our anti-hero should've paid attention to that maxim, as returning to one's hometown to rob a graveyard...well...what could go wrong? Today we take a gander at 1994's "Lurking Fear."
An isolated Massachusetts town has a problem. Creatures living under the cemetery feed on townspeople and especially like to rip unborn babies out of wombs as hors' d oeuvres. Enter the beautiful but heavily armed Cathryn (Ashley Laurence). Unable to protect her sister and nephew from the beasts, she has sworn vengeance on the vermin. Now she has teamed up with the town doctor, Haggis (Combs), to protect a pregnant woman and kill the things. They are holed up in a church at the cemetery and intend to blow it sky high at nightfall.  Not so fast, ex-con John (Blake Adams) has arrived at the graveyard looking for stolen loot buried by his dad. But wait! There's more! Bennett (Jon Finch) arrives with his gang which includes the sultry, often leather clad, Marlowe (Allison Mackie). They are on to the stolen loot and arrive to dig it up. The teams won't get along I'm afraid, and Marlowe and Cathryn will endure a series of cat-fights.
As Bennett's team disarms Cathryn's bombs and hold everyone at gunpoint, the creatures prepare to attack. John teams up with Cathryn and Haggis as Bennett has them all at gunpoint. The tactically minded Cathryn and John will put up a great fight and Bennett won't be in control long. No matter, the real boss is the monster leader who will unleash a creature attack on the humans above ground. Oh yes, the cat-fighting Marlowe and Cathryn will have an epic one in the mud beside the grave of Cathryn's sister. Uh oh...the mysterious John might have an ungodly connection with the creatures. As nightfall rapidly arrives, a war will break out which will pit three teams against one another.
Who will prevail in the mud wrestling cat-fight between Marlowe and Cathryn? Will the creatures finish them all off before the end of round one? Just who is the mysterious John, and can Cathryn trust him? This is a good one from Charles Band and the creatures are hideous. For some great H.P. Lovecraft fun, enjoy "Lurking Fear."


  1. Lots going on in this one, that photo of Dr. Death is stark!!

  2. "Lurking Fear" sounds like good fun! Thanks for the review/heads-up Christoper!