Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Oasis of the Zombies, Dead Nazis Revenge

Zombies and Nazis! What a combo! Throw in some beautiful babes and handsome hunks, and a lot of incredibly stupid actions and we have 1982's "Oasis of the Zombies." This is a Jesus Franco film and there are many indications that this great Spanish director wasn't fond of this film. Still, a bad Franco film is infinitely better than the Marvel and DC garbage that permeate our movie theaters today.
In 1943 a homicidal German unit made its way across north Africa. After killing as many Arabs as they could, an ambush ends their journey. At a remote oasis all the Nazi soldiers are killed. Uh oh, they were toting millions of dollars worth of gold. British mercenary Robert, who led the ambush, knows of the gold but won't spill the oasis' location. Decades later, the son of the German commander who led the unit arrives in north Africa seeking the gold. Kurt (Eduardo Fajardo) seeks out Robert and kills him for the map of the oasis. He and his pretty wife (Lina Romay) go for the gold. The zombies arise, strip and eat the wife and a wounded Kurt scampers back to town, now a mad man. Also arriving is Robert's son, Robert, Jr. (Manuel Gelin). He wants to find out what happened to his dad and find the oasis. He has a pretty girlfriend with him, Sylvie (Caroline Audret). Another expedition also arrives for the search. A university professor brings his paramour with him, Erika (France Lomay).
Erika will skinny-dip and have a lot or pe-marital sex before being eaten by zombies.  As Robert brings his crew to the oasis, and the professor brings his party, the zombies get ready. Robert's and the professor's discoveries will be bloody and many will be ripped apart and eaten.
Does Erika's skinny dipping scene foretell her bloody demise? Is this Franco film a thinly veiled message that The Third Reich will indeed rise again? As Spain never went to war with Germany, when everyone else did,  are the Nazi zombies introduced as sympathetic creatures, as opposed to horrific ones? On movie night, ignore anything Disney or Spielberg and watch a film that you will actually enjoy, "Oasis of the Zombies."


  1. The Germans were funding Franco's government, that's why Spain didn't go to war. Raiders of the Lost Ark, a masterpiece. But Jesus Franco has done very well here!

  2. Hey as long as they bring the eye candy along with scenes of gory mutilations, count me in!

  3. I haven't seen this one! Thank you for the review!