Saturday, September 19, 2020

Cry for the Bad Man, Evil Men Slaughtered

The best person to slaughter bad men? Yep...the chick from "I Spit on Your Grave."  Camille Keaton did such a fine job at this chore that the 1978 classic became a mini-franchise. Sarah Butler also did a fine job in the recent remake, but Ms. Keaton wasn't quite done. In 2019's "Cry for the Bad Man," she plays a grouchy widow on the defensive when evil power-brokers plot to take her land away.  Directed by Sam Farmer, "Cry for the Bad Man" is another anthem for all women stuck with men who happen to be pigs.
Marsha (Keaton) is a recent widow living in a big old house on some nice land. The evil MacMohan family wants it. She won't sell. Wayne (Scott Peeler) is the evil oldest MacMohan brother threatens to murder Marsha if she doesn't sell. The entire town is in the pocket of the MacMohans'. Even Marsha's daughter, Helena (Karen Konzen) pleads with her to sell. Seeing a fight looming, Marsha gets out all her guns and loads. Uh oh for the bad closely and see signs that the MacMohans' may have picked a fight they will live to regret. Also apparent is the fact that Wayne and his brothers never watched "I Spit on Your Grave."
No pussyfooting around in this movie. War! The entire second half of the film. The MacMohan brothers attack. Marsha is waiting. Appendages will be blown off, gut wounds will yield leaking intestines, blood will splatter all over the screen. After all this gore, both sides double down and go in for the kill. Just when the MacMohan brothers seem to be down for the count...their luck changes. Oh yeah...did I mention the garbage disposal carnage...don't try what you see in this film at home.  Just like Jennifer from the 1978 rape/revenge classic, Marsha is bent on bloody homicide.
Will Marsha castrate any of the MacMohan brothers in her bathtub? Just what is in Marsha's past that makes her uniquely qualified to butcher this evil band of brothers? This film is vicious and gory and wastes little time on setting up the dire situation at hand. For a nice tip of the hat to Camille Keaton's performance in "I Spit on Your Grave," see the bloody "Cry for the Bad Man."

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  1. I wonder if one of the McMohans was named Vince? LOL! Great job as usual Chris!