Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Final Examination, Bikini Babes Die Horribly

Bikini babes dying horribly, and many times in a state of nakedness, is what defines great cinema. The guys out there see former GFs who dumped them dying horribly, and women see skanks who stole their BFs dying horribly...everyone is a winner. Throw in gratuitous shower scenes, cat-fights, elongated love scenes...and....drum roll...Debbie Rochon and Kari Wuhrer! Yep, today we look at 2003's "Final Examination," directed by Fred Olen Ray.
A coed dies horribly five years ago. Present day, Narc, Shane (Brent Huff), pisses off the DEA and is transferred to Hawaii (how can I piss off the DEA?). Now a cop in Hawaii, his new partner is Julie (Wuhrer). Julie...think babe with a gun...yes! A mysterious magazine publisher organizes a five year reunion/bikini photo shoot (just go with it), of Big Island University, where every coed has great big...eh, smiles! A sultry photographer, Taylor (Rochon) accompanies the attendees/bikini models with her camera. The gals start dying quickly. After gratuitous Jacuzzi scenes and gratuitous shower scenes, Terri (Kim Maddox) is strangled. Julie and Shane are on the case. No matter, the murder of babes continues...Amanda (Kalau Iwaoka) is next...so sad.
Julie and Shane develop some great leads and suspects. Uh oh...Taylor is quite sultry and seduces Shane. Their scene is quite erotic. Bikini babes that are still alive will frolic and engage in cat-fights...gotta love gritty reality in crime thrillers. You guessed it, that tragedy of five years ago has come back to haunt the bikini babes. As two surviving bikini babes (Amy Lindsay and Belinda Gavin) give us some nice love scenes and fight scenes, their ditzi-ness almost gets our cop duo killed. As Julie and Shane seem to close in on the killer, Taylor emerges as a person of great interest...especially to any guy viewing this film.
What did happen five years ago that has sparked a bikini babe massacre? Is this mysterious photographer babe, Taylor, involved in the murders, or a potential victim? Will Julie and Taylor engage in a gratuitous cat-fight? Everyone in this film, even if not a bikini babe, is great looking. Kari Wuhrer has a great bikini scene when Shane has a fantasy dream about her. Taylor's seduction scene will send all you guys to the showers. For some prurient fun and also a nice murder mystery, see "Final Examination."