Thursday, September 17, 2020

Trick or Treats, Negligee Clad Damsel in Much Peril

A nice sleek negligee worn by a sultry damsel...say no more. In a classic slasher motif, she'll spend much of 1982's "Trick or Treats" running away from from all sorts of scares. Oh the perils of accepting a baby-sitting gig at a family of unstable sorts. Jacqueline Giroux has that exotic look and mannerisms that will seduce any movie-goer. Directed by Gary Graver, this not too original film will be enjoyed by modern audiences because of Ms. Giroux's allure.
NFL legends Dan Pastorini and Tim Rossini take Malcolm (Peter Jason) away to the looney-bin. His scheming wife Joan (Carrie Snodgress) had him committed and now controls his vast wealth. She'll find a new hubby (David Carradine) soon. Halloween night, a few years later, Linda is in the middle of a gratuitous shower scene when she is hired to babysit Joan's son, Christopher (Chris Graver). The aspiring actress needs the cash so she accepts. Christopher is a magician and horror film buff and plays sick practical jokes on Linda all night. Linda screams well and is very gullible. Linda will eventually end up in a sleek negligee (don't ask).
The horror fun starts when Malcolm escapes from the insane asylum. He heads back to his house intending to murder his family and anyone who gets in the way. Yep, his wife isn't home, but Linda is. Now the scares will become real. Malcolm will carve up Linda's friend Andrea (Jillian Kesner) and set his sights on Linda. Now running through the house in the negligee, Linda is quite the alluring damsel. Staying alive and protecting the weird Christopher won't be easy.
With a family of nutcases, does Linda have more to fear than Malcolm, the escaped lunatic? Just how did Linda get from an alluring one-piece jumpsuit to a sleek nightgown? Will the sultry negligee-clad Linda attract an over abundance of trick-or-treaters? Fans of 80s slasher fare will love this film. Ms. Giroux plays to the camera so well and one will be in suspense waiting to find out if she will be able to avoid being skewered by Malcolm...or someone else. Start prepping for Halloween early by catching "Trick or Treats."

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