Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Delta Delta Die!, Sultry Sorority Cannibals

It is only fair. We have been enjoying sorority babes get slashed and diced for years. Now we have the tables turned. Sultry sorority babes doing the slashing and dicing...and eating. Perhaps no better metaphor for American university life exists outside the slasher film. Today we look at 2003's "Die Die Delta Pie!" directed by Devin Hamilton. Nudity and gore will rule...as will disembowelment and pre-marital sex and castration...also a fine metaphor for university life.

Hannah (Karen A. Smith) begins the film by eating a jock's penis during pre-marital sex. She is punished by the Delta Delta Pi sorority mother, Marilyn (Julie Strain) because this is forbidden. Not cannibalism, but eating the dirty and un-pure penis. The gals of this sorority lure jocks to their house, seduce them, and chop them up and put them in meatgrinders in order to make meat pies. We see a lot of this in the film as Patrice (Tiffany Shepis) demonstrates an alluring erotic dance to these jocks before Marilyn enters as a cannibalistic dominatrix. The pies bring in a lot of funds for the sorority and we are let in on the backstory of how this all began.

Tobias (Joe Dain) is getting suspicious. He works in the dean's office and sees the college covering for Marilyn's sorority and their antics. Many of Tobias' buddies have been ground up. He reaches out for Rhonda (Brinke Stevens), a former classmate of Marilyn's 20 years ago. Rhonda has been banished by the sorority and Tobias believes she could be an ally to stopping Marilyn. Uh oh...Rhonda is also a lunatic and loves jumping pretty sorority gals. Now Rhonda is back and Marilyn is going full force with her meatgrinder. As jocks continue to fall and Patrice maximizes her eroticism...and nudity and gratuitous shower scenes are thrown at us, a war brews between Rhonda and Marilyn. Cat-fights will abound, and the sultry sorority girls will also be put in mortal danger.

Is sending dumb sex-crazed jocks through a meatgrinder really such a bad thing? Did the bloke who had his penis eaten by Hannah die with a smile on his face? Will the beautiful sorority gals end up in the meatgrinder, as well? This is a prurient and naughty one. If you like gore, nudity, exotic dancing, cat-fights, and gratuitous shower and pre-marital sex scenes, enjoy "Delta Delta Die!" 

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  1. I think those pies are best sellers, made by tender loving babes!!