Monday, September 21, 2020

Killbillies, Killer Slovenian Moonshine

What could be better than beautiful and arrogant European fashion models and moonshine liquor. The only thing better would be if the Swedish Bikini Team showed up with some Old Milwaukee. In the mountainous regions of Slovenia, however, babes and moonshine will have to do. Throw in hillbillies that seek to rape and kill babes, axes, and razors, and we have 2015's "Killbillies," directed by Tornaz Gorkic. Let us take a look at a Slovenian film.
Early on we meet Zina (Nina Ivanisin). A part-time model and actress who happens to be grouchy and quite able to beat anyone up. Her short fuse is shown to us immediately. The beautiful grouch joins fashion photographer Blitcz (Sebastian Cavazza), a real hunk and an annoying blonde model, Mia (Nika Rozman). Mia talks incessantly about herself and we desire her to meet a tortuous death. They head into the mountains for a photo shoot. They pass some hillbillies that look like zombies selling moonshine by the side of the road. The moonshine seems to have weird effects on the consumer, not that regular moonshine does not.
Dragica (Manca Ogorevc) joins them. She is beautiful Unfortunately for our four cosmopolitan Slovenians, Franci (Lotos Sparovec) and Vintir (Jurij Drevensek) arrive. They clobber our models and photographer. The two grotesque hillbillies lock them up in a mountain dungeon. Our beauties better think fast as the hillbillies use Dragica's blood and bodily fluids to make moonshine. The distilling process is quite'll see. Now Mia and Zina...don't even ask about Blitcz' fate...must strategize and find a way to escape and fight back before they become 150 proof moonshine. The war is on and beauties and hillbillies will get cut up in a graphic manner. Euro models and hillbillies will have a cultural clash that will be blood red.
Will any of our Euro-babes survive the grotesque mountain men? Would stronger government regulation of rural liquor businesses have provided a stronger means of preservation for these Euro-babes? Is using their bodily fluids the only thing our hillbillies desire from the models? Bloody and sometimes heartbreaking, "Killbillies" is quite horrific. For the best film ever made in Slovenia, see "Killbillies." 

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  1. Does this movie confirm that babes from Slovenia are looking for a good time, great review, the heart land of euro trash