Sunday, August 30, 2020

Blood Ties, Vampires in Long Beach

Vampires assimilated in southern California...what would that look like? Answer: A lot like what it already looks like. More motorcycle gangs...greedy developers...obnoxious media...and a sultry but toothy babe or two. In a world where reasons are aplenty to separate from other groups, vampires and humans are no exception. Today we take a look at straight-to-video "Blood Ties," from 1991.
A clan of vampire hunters headed by Bo Hopkins raid a Texas farmhouse killing a mom and dad vampire. Big mistake...they allow the teenage son, Cody (Jason London) to escape. Now in Long Beach, a clan of bloodsuckers lives in secret, mixed into the Long Beach community. Ace reporter Harry (Harley Venton), a vampire, romances and will have much passionate sex with assistant D.A. Amy (Kim Johnson Ulrich). She'll go through this film in states of undress...and clueless she's dating a vampire. Cody makes it to Long Beach and is taken in by the vampire clan headed by Eli (Patrick Bauchau). Cody and the clan want revenge on Bo Hopkins and his hunters. Harry just wants to get a long...right!
Bo Hopkins and crew arrive in Long Beach as Harry and Amy get pretty steamy. Oh yeah...Celia (Michelle Johnson)! A babe vampire. She will have some steamy vampire sex with Harry and almost get in a cat-fight with Amy at a lingerie shop. Yes! As Harry pleads for the clan to give up vengeance and revenge and set an example, Bo Hopkins and crew sharpen their stakes. Meanwhile, Cody joins a vampire motorcycle gang with hopes of warring against the hunters that killed his parents. Harry is torn between toothy and steamy sex with Celia and deviant, but less bloody, pre-marital sex with Amy. Uh oh...Bo Hopkins has a plan to draw the vampires into an ambush.
Will Harry ultimately choose the  ravishing Amy, or the sultry Celia? Will Celia and Amy ever engage in a steamy cat-fight? Can Bo Hopkins rid Long Beach of the infernal toothy creatures, or will Harry succeed at his plan for detente? The acting is terrific and Ms. Johnson and Ms. Ulrich are most alluring. For a rather tame but alluring vampire flick, enjoy "Blood Ties," directed by Jim McBride.

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