Thursday, September 3, 2020

Detention, Catholic Carnage

Don't you love films in which every character is evil? Then throw in machine guns and pistols. Yes! Then a couple bottles of Jack Daniels and hot lesbians with a lot of make-out scenes. Oh yes, IMDB gives this one a rating of 1.3/10. Catholic high school girls in trouble...Catholic high school boys in trouble...priests in trouble...nuns in trouble. Many will die horribly in a vicious film about abuse in the church. Hence 2019's "Detention."
Some misbehaving Catholic high school students get detention. Two priests, Father Preston (Gunther Vanhuyse) and Father Salens (Thierry Wybauw) will monitor the misbehaving youths. They aren't very supportive. Tamara (Myrthe Hogeterp) and Sharon (Sharon Slosse) were caught making out in the gym shower. They will be called whores and godless sluts. The boys are just disrespectful. Enter a trio of lunatics, heavily armed. Psycho (Ziva Marshall) has a machine gun and her two nephews, Morgan (Rufus Six) and Billy (Quinten Stoffin) are packing, too. Psycho is just, well...psycho. The boys have a beef. Alumni of the school, they were both sexually abused by the priests. Oh yes, Billy's brother committed suicide after being raped by one of these priests.
Immediately, the three armed lunatics terrorize the priests and students. Psycho will murder one of the boys immediately. Then a nun, Sister Benedicte (Tish Leenknecht) arrives. She rapes schoolgirls in the shower. The evil trio humiliates the students and priests and then get homicidal...more homicidal. The lesbian babe girls make out a lot under the stress. Then a weird turn of events. A bit of a twist occurs and the evil trio is imperiled. Now just about everyone has a gun and the bullets fly. The lesbian girls will make out some more and the Jack Daniels will be liberally passed around.
This film touches on important and frightening points. One wonders if gratuitous lesbian make-out scenes, blood orgies, and nuns and priests getting shredded is the best way to get these points across. Will this film cause a lot of people to open up about the abuses they encountered at Catholic school? I doubt this one will. On the plus side...important social commentary turning into gratuitous exploitation isn't necessarily a bad thing. For an uncomfortable exploitation/horror film that may bring up important sins of the Catholic church, see "Detention," directed by Johan Vandewoostijne.


  1. Sounds a lot like Reform School Girls to me. The cover picture even reminds me of Wendy O'Guinn riding the top of a bus on a collision course with the reformatory gates!

  2. Wonderful review, light flippant, then ending on nailing the church on the cross. The lesbian scenes, heavenly, I'll say a few hail marys now (god bless her virgin soul - I'm trying not to choke with laughter!).