Monday, September 7, 2020

Apocalypse Kiss, Serial Killers in the End Times

There's always a silver lining. For might be knocked off by an elusive serial killer...but...there is good news, it might not cut your life short by very much. Okay, we have suave psycho serial killers...we have sultry erotic serial killers...throw in a disillusioned detective who wife's ghost keeps showing up...and some steamy sex and we have 2014's "Apocalypse Kiss," directed by Christian Grillo.
Adrian (D.C. Douglas) is a smooth serial killer in a futuristic society. His murders, he considers, are artwork. Enter two sexy lesbians, Katia (Carmela Hayslett) and Gladys (Tammy Jean). These lesbians provide many erotic moments and kill for thrills and money. Embittered detective Jerry (Tom Detrik) is on the case. He has been trying to catch Adrian for two years. Adrian is enraged when the most recent murder of the erotic duo is attributed to him. Adrian sees himself as an artist and regards the two lesbians as savages. Now he is also trying to find the hot lesbians.
Uh oh...a rogue planet has left its orbit and is hurtling toward Earth. The collision may be in a few days. No matter, Jerry is determined to catch the serial killer...and the erotic duo. When the ghost of Jerry's wife (Bonnie Loev) appears to him he initially believes it is to torment him. Gladys and Katia will have some steamy scenes filled with sex and drugs, and Adrian will have some poetic murder scenes...and all this leads to a weird meeting between them. Finally, Jerry begins putting two and two together and realizes his wife's ghost may be giving him clues to finding the killers. The rogue planet draws nearer and the President (Lloyd Kaufman) has some startling news for the citizens. Even more disconcerting, the erotic duo has some surprises for each other.
Yep, this is a weird one. Sort of a cross between "Red Dragon" and "Blade Runner." Just what does Adrian intend to do to Gladys and Katia when he meets them? Will Jerry catch up to Adrian...or vice versa? Lloyd Kaufman as the President? Film Noir/SciFi/horror...a nice combo, I must say. Erotic and quirky, if you like. For something a little different, watch "Apocalypse Kiss."


  1. Three lesbians, you got me, a rogue planet playing ten pin with earth, why haven't I seen this, I ask.