Friday, September 11, 2020

Devil's Den, Vampires vs. Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu is one of the most beautiful actresses of the past 50 years. One of my favorite films is 2009's "The Tournament." In that film, Ms. Hu plays assassin Lai Lai Zhen. The sultry Asian assassin finds redemption after much carnage and soul searching. She survives in that film. Usually, unfortunately, Kelly Hu meets horrible demises in her roles. Today we look at 2006's "Devil's Den," directed by Jeff Burr. In this supernatural horror film she also plays a sultry Asian assassin with a chance at redemption. We can only pray this beautiful woman survives vampire ghouls.
Quinn (Devon Sawa) and Nick (Steven Schub) are small time drug pushers. On their way to sell some Spanish Fly to college girls, they stop off at an out of the way strip club...The Devil's Den. Surprise! Despite being in the middle of nowhere, the strippers are hot. The lead dancer, Jezebel (Dawn Olivieri) takes a liking to Quinn and pulls him in the back for some pre-marital sex. Also in the bar is Leonard (Ken Foree). Uh oh...he's a monster hunter. Monster hunter? Yep...all the sultry strippers are vampire/ghouls and they all change into these creatures and eat all the patrons. Sadly, Nick will be eaten. Leonard pulls out a sword and starts swinging away. Oh yeah, also walking into the Devil's Den is leather clad assassin, Caitlin (Hu).
Caitlin has been hired to kill Quinn...but why and by who? As he follows Quinn and Jezebel to the rear, she pulls out her guns in order to murder Quinn. Then Jezebel changes and Caitlin must use her weapons on her. The bullets merely slow the things down. Decapitating them is the key. Oh, I forgot, Candy (Karen Maxwell) is a busty waitress working her first night at this club. She joins Caitlin, Leonard, and Quinn in trying to survive the vampire horde. Now Leonard recruits the other three to help him kill all the ghouls. Uh oh...the ghouls aren't showing weakness. Uh oh again, Caitlin is starting to like her target, Quinn. Some surprising revelations occur and now Caitlin seeks redemption.
Just who did hire Caitlin...and why is the schmuck Quinn a target for assassination? Does Leonard have a chance at decapitating hordes of vampire ghouls? Will Caitlin and Jezebel involve themselves in the ultimate cat-fight? With a lot of ghouls, gore, and nudity...oh yes, and Kelly Hu in leather, "Devil's Den" is a must see blood bath.


  1. Another great movie, back to back, thanks so much, got me in the right frame of mind for the psychic vampires

  2. Another one I missed out on.
    Thanks for the heads up.