Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Disembodied, Eye Rape

After the 20th century concluded, America needed something...but no one quite knew what. Then in 2011, a film appeared...and we all had the answer. Not unity, not a sense of justice, not a more broad sense of community...nope...America lusted for a creature with a probing tentacle that could possess large breasted women to have passionate lesbian sex with each other before the probing tentacle would rape them and impregnate them. Today we look at, from Full Moon Features, a Charles Band film, 2011's "The Disembodied."
Blonde babe Jenna (Erica Rhodes) invites three buddies over to help her decorate the house for Halloween. On cue Kiana (Lauren Furs) arrives in a schoolgirl outfit, Rocky (Chelsea Edmundson), and lesbian babe Catalina (Adriana Madix) arrive. They'll drink, smoke pot, dance around in their undies and Cat will try to get all the babes to have sex with her. A gratuitous shower scene will be thrown in. Jenna tries, not too hard, to get her buddies to focus on decorating the house. Uh oh, a crystal ball is activated, a demonic TV is turned on to a video of "The Killer Eye," and a giant eye creature with a probing tentacle is set loose on the babes.
The eye creature possesses them and Jenna finds herself having lesbian sex with Catalina. Rocky and Kiana will be possessed to arouse themselves. Then the eye turns mean. It aims to rape the babes and impregnate them. In the midst of the carnage, Giselle (Olivia Alexander) arrives and a possessed Rocky will try to fondle and rape her. Jenna snaps out of her trance and realizes the peril the aroused ladies are in. Now Jenna has a plan to combat the lust-filled eye, but are any of the other babes in any condition to mount an offensive?
The gals are all sultry and they will all have gratuitous nude scenes. The probing tentacle will see much action and in a prurient sense...this will be a wild ride. Will the monster eye succeed in impregnating any of the babes? Just what is Jenna's plan to combat the thing and will any of her girlfriends be eager to stop it? Is this monster eye a thinly veiled metaphor of Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood elite, and their quest to rape nubile actresses? Trashy and in vulgar taste, as is the society in which we live, "The Disembodied" will arouse and may be seen as a secret fantasy to many viewers,


  1. What a movie, I can hear Ronnie Shaw laughing in heaven about this one,wanting to see it. Attracts big tit babes, the monster has taste.

  2. Haha this movie is rad! Redboxed it back in the day.

  3. Thanks Chris! What is it about tentacles that turns all the hotties on?😆😆😆