Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Spellcaster, Rock and Roll and the Devil

No surprise here...Rock and Roll is satanic. Yep, this evil music may cause people to smoke marijuana and engage in pre-marital sex. No surprise either that when RockTV (think MTV) throws a contest, the winners go to the devil's castle. Today we look at 1988's "Spellcaster," which features Adam Ant and a bunch of babes and hunks...and monsters. Directed by Rafal Zielinski.
Seven contestants win RockTV's contest and will be flown to Italy to compete in the castle of some guy named Diablo (Adam Ant). Once in the castle, the contestants will go on a treasure hunt for a milliondollars. The host, Rex (Richard Blade) has rock star Cassandra (Bunty Bailey) co-hosting the contest. Cassandra is drunk and arrogant. The only sympathetic figures are a brother/sister team from Ohio, Jackie (Gail O'Grady) and Tom (Harold Pruett). Also along are the aerobics babe Teri (Kim Johnston Ulrich) who is a sexual tease, and Myrna (Martha Demson), an aristocratic hunter. Oh yeah, the French babe Yvette (Traci Lind) will be the first to go when she is eaten by a vampire chair while in some attractive shiny lingerie.
The contest starts and Cassandra is too drunk to do anything but bribe Rex for more booze and drugs by trying to seduce him. Teri will spend more time dragging guys into the shower and teasing them than looking for money. Yvette's death will occur after some pre-marital sex with Rex. Uh oh...Cassandra and Rex seemed to have made a deal for the money. Even worse, some mysterious guy, Diablo, is watching and controlling the events. He'll make will eat one of the aforementioned babes, and send slimy demon monsters to attack. As Tom and Jackie seem to avoid the evils of Diablo, the other contestants fall horribly. Uh oh again, Cassandra seduces Tom...does this mean Tom is doomed?
As the hunks and babes fall in bloody carnage, why does Jackie seem like the 'final girl'? Does Diablo have special carnal plans for the clean cut Jackie? Is the pre-marital sex that goes on at this castle good enough to die for? This is a great looking cast and the babe characters ae indeed true babes, whether in lingerie, naked, or in the throes of pre-marital sex. The creature effects are nice and the ending might surprise many. For some good 1980s horror fun, see "Spellcaster."


  1. Who hasn't tried to impersonate Adam Ant, had no idea he stared in a movie, thanks again, a great little find.

  2. I wonder which vampire turned the chair? And how do I get an invite? Good review Chris 👍

  3. and... and... and... GAIL OGRADY!? omg... thats fabulous I just saw the cast list, amazing! great review keep the fun coming! best to you!