Monday, August 24, 2020

Meatball Machine, Slimy Parasites Having Fun

Japan! The land that brought us tentacle rape as a fetish and an important plot device. Yep, why not? H.P. Lovecraft would be proud. The utter and excruciating invasion of a beautiful Japanese woman in this film will make you wince...and depending on your wiring...will either disgust you or have you begging for more. The gore will be extreme and the story will be right out of a comic book...nevertheless, 2005's "Meatball Machine" (directed by (Yudai Yamaguchi and Junichi Yamamoto) will inspire.
Necroborgs are human vessels containing an alien (or deep water) parasite. After infesting the host they turn it into a killing machine seeking other necroborgs to fight. It's a game...these aliens seek to kill other parasite controlled necroborgs for sport. As our film begins necroborgs take over a businessman, then a small boy. The things attach to the host, sprout a zillion tentacles, drill into the human orifices (including the eyes) and fit the host with alien weapons (power-saws, drills, flamethrowers, etc). Two lovers to be will have a sweet scene in which they appear ready for pre-marital sex. Uh oh, Yoji (Issey Takahashi) is a metalworker who brought the shell of an alien home to experiment with. As Yoji bends over to kiss the sweet Sochiko (Aoba Kawai), the dormant shell re-animates and springs to action.
Suchiko is then invaded. A myriad of tentacles wrap around her, pull her legs apart and invade her. Alien rape at its most horrifying. The alien parasite is implanted, her eyes are drilled out, and the former Sochiko is ready for battle. Two weird Japanese beings save Yoji. Uh oh...they feed him to one of these parasites. This duo breed the things. Now Yoji still in love with Sochiko is on a quest to find her and save her. See, Yoji has more of his humanity remaining and knows Sochiko will still love him. Sochiko is quite the battle-machine and attacks more Japanese. Cute little Japanese children will die horribly at the hands of the necroborgs. As the tentacled necroborgs turn other Japanese into them, Yoji continues his quest to reunite with his love. Yep, he'll find her...but romance will be replaced with a gory and carnage-filled war.
Is the creation of the tentacle rape fetish a misogynistic device thought up by Japanese men as a reaction to the feminine attempt to land equal influence in the Land of the Rising Sun? Will Yoji and Suchiko engage in a battle to the death, or enjoy necroborg sex...or both? Will true love conquer a slimy parasite desire for war and carnage? Important questions, I know, but you will be alarmed at how much you enjoy "Meatball Machine," sexual invasion scene and all.


  1. Oh man, I think I'm turning Japanese and I really think so, thanks for that, the Japanese never disappoint.

  2. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers server up with more gore and intensity. Perhaps the tentacles are a substitute for another male organ? Great review as usual Chris