Sunday, August 2, 2020

Cam-Girl, Exotic Performer Beset By Psycho

Ah yes...strippers! Oh, I'm sorry...I mean exotic dancers. movies they are all intelligent women victimized by a male dominated world, unable to get fair shakes. Yep, they are all trying to raise their baby daughters and the only money they can to exotic dance. Oh yes, they all aspire to go to law school, or even better, medical school. Anyone buy that? The killer in 2016's "Cam-Girl" doesn't.
Gessica (Erin Cline) fits the above description. Interestingly enough, she is hardly a sympathetic character. Her on-line channel, by subscription only, is a scam. Men see her dance and strip while having their credit card info stolen. Anyway, her ex-boyfriend Ben (Joe Coffey) is a computer whiz and desires to get back together with her. She does her performing as her baby girl sleeps in a crib in the next room. Internet subscribers can even chat with her. Oh! Did I mention a serial killer known as "The Box Cutter Killer" is striking young beauties in the area?
Then Gessica gets a chat message threatening her life. She's frightened but ultimately un-affected. Then the guy calls her on her cellphone. The call will last the remaining duration of the film as the caller is also a sniper. Anytime Gessica disobeys her order, he fires a warning shot. Now she is at his mercy. He seeks to humiliate Gessica by forcing her to call all her ex-boyfriends and confess her indiscretions to them. She tries to draw information out of him but he is pretty smart. He has also hijacked her internet and phone. He'll send Gessica a video of him slitting the throat of her former lesbian lover, Destiny (Aurelia Riley). As our killer gets more and more unhinged, it is obvious he plans to cut Gessica up into pieces unless she can outsmart him.
Just how does our killer know so much about the non-noble Gessica? What are his ultimate plans for Gessica, and does he plan to put her demise on-line? Will this film have us sympathizing with the killer as more and more of Gessica's morality flaws are revealed? The, I mean, exotic dancer community might be offended by this film...but...who cares? For a gratuitous character study, see "Cam-Girl," directed by Curt Wiser.


  1. Kurt Wiser, is wised up to the scamming cam girls, a wonderful movie on my favorite gals, strippers.

  2. I definitely check it out. Great review

  3. This is the Writer/Director Curt Wiser. Many thanks for the review. You can find me on Twitter @camgirl_movie or on FB.