Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Slime City Massacre, The Ooze Rises Up

The transition of Debbie Rochon's character from babe survivor, to babe puddle in a tub, to babe with a mega...eh...well you'll see...may be a shocking horror plot device or perhaps a pertinent metaphor to the changing American culture. Perhaps this is too deep an analysis of 2010's "Slime City Massacre,"  but the permeating ooze and explosive sexual desire will not disappoint. Okay a machine gun massacre and a gratuitous anthem extolling the struggle of common folks against the one-percenters will surely please, as well. So if you like melting characters and hunks and babes turning to nymphomaniacs, this is your film.
Decades ago, streetwalker Nicole (Brooke Lewis Bellas) happens across a soup kitchen run by cult leader, Zachary (Craig Sabin). Craig invites her in and seduces her into the love cult which will reach into present day (you'll see). Present day, a dirty bomb explodes melting Lloyd Kaufman and most people. A few years later Alexa (Jennifer Bihl) and Cory (Kealan Patrick Burke) scavenge the ruins. They find a temporary home in a burnt out warehouse building. There they meet the hunk Mason (Lee Perkins) and babe Alice (Rochon). The four team up and continue scavenging. They are now part of a loosely connected band of survivors that feeds off anything they can find. Cory and Mason find Zachary's old soup kitchen and find a lot of what appears to be wine and Himalayan yogurt.
Now the four feed heartily on their new find. Avoiding roving bands of cannibals and a corrupt apocalyptic hierarchy, the quartet undergoes a metamorphosis.  They begin oozing slime and desire a lot of passionate sex (probably pre-marital). They also find the need to feed off the living. Alice gets it worse as her descent into slime creature accelerates and her fate will shock you. Uh oh, evil one-percenter real estate developers send machine-gun thugs to rid the city block of survivors. The massacre will be bloody but now Zachary's brew and yogurt have been ingested by many. A war will rage between evil real estate developers and slime-zombies...true poetry.
Are the melting masses of the apocalyptic wasteland a thinly veiled metaphor for the plight of the 99 percenters in their struggle against the elite power structure that truly run the planet? Will the increasingly liquefying protagonists remain solid enough to prevail over societal inequality? In some weird fetish world, is skin changing into green goopy slime a sexual turn-on? Directed by Gregory Lamberson, "Slime City Massacre" is an extraordinary B movie. For some wonderful gore, allure, and of course the sultry Brooke Lewis Bellas and Debbie Rochon, see "Slime City Massacre." 

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  1. Wonderful review, yes must be premartial sex, and green is sexy!! especially green goo in lesbian green goo wrestling!!