Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Attack of the Unknown, Space Vampires vs. SWAT

We're doomed. If just ten percent of this country loses internet and smart phone capability...we're gone! Can you imagine...a five trillion dollar stimulus that won't toilet fantasy football...the end of the world. Sure...50 years ago or 200 years ago, Americans could survive anything...not now. Throw in the rest of the civilized world into the'll be scary. Technology used to help us get to the moon and cure technology facilitates the ability to send porn and erotic pictures instantly overseas. If the space vampires do attack, we're doomed...or are we? Let us take a look at 2020's "Attack of the Unknown," directed by Brandon Slagle.
An LAPD SWAT team is raiding a building to capture Cartel boss Hades (Robert LaSardo). After a bloody gunfight, Commander Maddox' (Douglas Tait) team wins out and captures Hades. The FBI moves in and takes charge. This ticks off Maddox and his men. Vernon (Richard Greico), one of those men, will be diagnosed with incurable cancer. Now the team is asked to transfer Hades to another jail...and the fun begins. An alien invasion besets L.A. Huge monster aliens with tentacles strike and suck the blood out of humans. Spaceships miles in length hover over all major cities. The SWAT team's operation to transfer Hades is interrupted.
As all internet and phone service is shut down by the UFOs, and awe struck Californians are bled dry...Maddox and his men are holed up in a dilapidated jail. We should mention Hannah (Jolene Andersen), a SWAT lady...beautiful and tough. Her job is to assemble 1950s radios from parts in order to find help. The terminal Vernon isn't dead yet and his doomsday logic and back to basics mentality may just give this SWAT team a chance at survival. The monsters descend from the ships, suck humans dry, and find the old jail where our SWAT team is guarding Hades. Yep...they get in...and find a resistance that has eschewed 2020 technology that will prove to be a formidable foe. Frightening, inspiring, and heartbreaking will be this epic battle between human and monster.
Will a dying hero be the key to the furtherance of human life on this planet? Are what we believe to be our greatest technological advances merely a curse that ensures our ruination? Is being bled dry a good metaphor for where we are going as a civilization as impersonal smart technology replaces the humanity that makes us...well...human? Wonderful special and creature f/x combined with some gritty and strong characters (Mr. Greico is fantastic and so is Tara Reid in the backstory...and A+ for Ms. Andersen) make this a compelling 'end-of-the-world' epic. For a convicting tale that may make you realize the value of the humanity that is still inside all of us, see Brandon Slagle's "Attack of the Unknown." 


  1. Loved it, brought up more questions than answers as per usual. If the internet went down,we'd all need to go to rehab.

  2. I believe any Aliens wanting our blood will be wiped out by Corona. I could use the bled dry metaphor, but it would be political in nature, and I'm not going there!