Sunday, August 16, 2020

Blood Ransom, Neo Noir Vampire Saga

It's dark, gritty, and moody. Classic Film Noir. Actually, 2014's "Blood Ransom" is a vampire tale featuring a sultry bloodsucker. No humor. No irreverence. No cheer. Just gore, allure, and blood...a lot of blood. Amidst the slashings and toothy feedings, one may believe one is watching a Joel and Ethan Coen film, just from the setting. The plot will be complicated and multi-faceted, but to fans of this blog...we have a sultry vampire and a lot of flowing red blood. Directed by Francis dela Torre, "Blood Ransom" will demand a scorecard to keep up with all the players.
Chrystal (Anne Curtis), former exotic dancer, is on the run. She has been turned into a vampire by Roman (Samuel Hunt). Now Roman wants her back and charges Bill (Jamie Harris) to kidnap her. Don't ask why, Bill hires Jeremiah (Alexander Dreymon) to do the kidnapping. Mistake! Of course, Jeremiah falls in love with her. She falls in love with Jeremaiah. Now for the bad news...Chrystal is changing. She's becoming more and more monster everyday...and less and less human. She craves blood and knows she will soon not be able to stave off the temptation of attacking Jeremiah's jugular veins.
Now Chrystal and Jeremiah are on the run. Bill and Roman are hot on their trail. Massacres and assorted other bloody killings abound as the creatures of the night need nourishment. Our two lovebirds will engage in pre-marital sex which will nearly cost Jeremiah his life. Uh oh...there might be a way to cure Chrystal of her vampirism. The bad news, the plan has a lot of moving parts and she is losing her humanity too quickly. Uh oh again...subplots, which will be thrown at you at a rapid rate, indicate Jeremiah and his toothy lover can not and should not'll see. As Chrystal teeters back and forth from sultry vampire vixen to horrific monster, Jeremiah prepares himself for the ultimate sacrifice of love.
Can Jeremiah and Chrystal find true love as either vampire or human? Will Roman and Bill allow the two seemingly doomed lovers to find that happiness? Is Chrystal's transition from exotic dancer babe to toothy bloodsucking monster a metaphor for young women who try to make it big in Hollywood...or a metaphor for a divorced man regarding his ex-wife? Enjoy the gore and allure and don't worry about the deep directions the plot'll get it. For a bloody and erotic vampire tale, see "Blood Ransom."

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  1. Deep direction of the plots no doubted guided by deep canine teeth~