Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Killer Eye, Tentacle Rape from Another Dimension

It may sound awful...but the ladies who underwent the tentacle rape in this film...enjoyed it. This begs a Full Moon Features making an exploitation/misogynistic horror film, or are they tapping in a fantasy polite women don't talk about? Today we look at David DeCoteau's "The Killer Eye," from 1999. Warning...the tentacle sex scenes are gratuitous and elongated.
Mad scientist Jordan (Jonathan Norman) has tapped into the Eighth Dimension...and something came through his invention. Jordan is married to Rita (Jacqueline Lovell). Rita wants more orgasms and Jordan wants to bond with that dimension. Whatever came through the invention is now crawling around and has grown to 10 feet tall. It is an eyeball with a tentacle and the power to put babes in a trance and satisfy them for long periods of time. Rita heads to her neighbors, Tom (Dave Oren Ward) and Joe (Roland Martinez). They have a threesome until eye monster shows up. The creature, while the three sleep, rapes (or pleasures) Rita in a very long scene. The creature then finds Jane (Nanette Bianchi) in another apartment. Jane gives us a gratuitous shower scene and the tentacled creature joins her and endlessly satisfies her.
Now Jordan and his assistant, Morton (Costas Koromilas)...who is Jane's husband, figure out that a creature is on the loose. Eventually Rita and Jane figure this out but not before being further gratified by the slimy tentacle. The humans try to figure out a way to trap it and send it back to the Eighth Dimension. The thing is smart and has the ability to put people in a trances and arouse babes. Jane and Rita are marked for sexual conquest by the creature while the men risk having their brain matter sucked out by it. Nudity and orgasmic sex scenes permeate the entire film as the creature seems bent on procreating.
Will Jane and/or Rita be impregnated by the eye creature? Will they mind? Can Jordan and his band protect man's role on the planet Earth by destroying the invader? Ms. Lovell and Miss Bianchi will deliver orgasmic performances as they will spend much of this film in orgasm. For a tickling of your prurient fantasies and interests, see "The Killer Eye."

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  1. A very familiar and dear character. You are right, size matters, and that's all women think of, even in polite company!!!