Monday, June 1, 2020

Termite: The Walls Have Eyes, Anxiety Ridden Damsel

There are lunatics out there. A good question to ask yourself, "are lunatics always delusional." Sure, they spout off about the CIA listening to their thoughts through their dental fillings. Yes, they tell us about UFO's following them. Oh yes, they often remark that we are all plotting against them. Just because they are under heavy psychiatric care, and prescribed several medications...might UFO's be after them...and are we all against them...and may the CIA be listening to their thoughts? In 2011's "Termite: The Walls Have Eyes," directed by John Walcutt, we will meet a cute and perky...well, supposed lunatic.
Airy Splendor (Jennie Marie Pacelli) is an anxiety ridden 18 year-old. Losing her job has prevented her from getting her anxiety meds refilled. Her delusions and hallucinations are increasing. There is good news...she has a new job. She's the receptionist at a modelling agency. Perky and bubbly, she seems the perfect fit. Uh oh...this may not be working. She sees peep-holes that no one else sees. Usually they are in the women's room stalls or below her desk. Indications is that someone is behind the walls staring at Airy as she goes potty. No one else sees these holes and her boss Mrs. French (Jeanne Taylor) might have to fire her. Sultry bikini models are photographed by Dave (Jesse Golden) daily and Airy believes they are all being peeped at as they change into bikinis.
Now Airy's anxiety seems to be getting the best of her. Suppressing her attraction to Dave, she imagines him as a vicious rapist. In fact every man  she meets is viewed by her as a killer/rapist. Then she gets mysterious phone calls and a video of her going to the bathroom is sent to her laptop. Are these real or her own imagination? We get a look at Airy's backstory and it is sordid. The panic-stricken receptionist is now unable to decipher her nightmarish fears from reality...and the body count is about to begin.
Is Airy a lunatic, or is there really someone behind the walls...watching? Are the bikini models, and they are quite sultry, in danger from this peeping-pervert...or from the increasingly insane Airy? Will Airy's suppressed attraction to men play out in an insane blood feast? Ms. Pacelli is extraordinary in the role of the supposed lunatic. For a quirky and fast-paced thriller. (with some fantastic bikini cheesecake)..see "Termite: The Walls Have Eyes."


  1. A very good treatment going on here, years of practising law, it shows, the movie has so much promise, thanks for leaving the good parts out!!

  2. This sounds, oddly interesting. I think I might check this out, though I do hope it's gonna be as weird and talky as Bug (2006)...