Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Ballad in Blood, The Downfall of Europe

Euro-Trash and Giallo have helped us Americans accurately understand the ethos of Europe. Sex-crazed killers, nymphomaniacs dying horribly, orgies everywhere, techno-rave parties in every sewer...yep, Europe! However insidious this all sounds, the women are always babes and just waiting to shed heir clothes. Today we look at an Italian tragic-comedy (in the Shakespearean sense) directed by legendary Ruggero Deodato, 2016's "Ballad in Blood."
One of those wild Italian rave-techno-sewer parties results in bad hangovers. Drug dealer Duke (Edward Williams) wakes in a daze. In the next room, Lenka (Carlotta MorellI) is heavily banging her beau, Jacopo (Gabriele Rossi). Jacopo blows chow all over her bare breasts and the moment is gone. In the next room, sultry Elizabeth (Noemi Smorra) is now a corpse with a slit throat. No one remembers the night before...or how Elizabeth died. Deep down, our surviving trio figure they are responsible for Elizabeth's demise. Now they try to get rid of the naked corpse and figure out which one of them is the killer. Uh oh...Elizabeth loved taking videos on her phone and the trio find all her work.
Now the surviving skank and drug dealing duo begin plotting...they're quite stupid. As they sober up...they get stupider. They realize Elizabeth's buddy, the naughty Francesca, might have some of the videos. Their plot to murder Francesca couldn't have gone worse and now the aforementioned trio are in deep doo-doo. You'll see. As Lenka, Duke, and Jacopo continue doing smack and continue with deviant pre-marital sex, Elizabeth's nude body cools. In addition to their murder predicament, a slimy supplier, Leo (Ernesto Mahieux) figures out they murdered Elizabeth. As each plots someone's murder, the trio gets more unstable and deviant. Oh yes, we eventually see what happened on that tragic night and it is so deviant.
Who did kill Elizabeth? Will Elizabeth's nude corpse be an avenue to even more deviant sexual behavior by our European trio? Will our gang eventually turn on each other? To completely understand the chaotic and deviant psyche of Europe's millennials, see "Ballad in Blood," and enjoy the nude deviance and gore that Giallo and Euro-Trash have to offer.


  1. This is how art house movies should be, I can see you thick in the narration, it obviously appealed to your sicker side!!!

  2. Thanks every much for your review of this Christopher I've been wanting to see it as it's based on the Meredith Kercher Murder although I'm not sure how faithfully. I'm hoping it's at least respectful to the victim.
    .The case this is based on is a good contender of being the biggest miscarriage of justice of the 21st century so far. Absolutely zero doubt Knox got away with it and her acquittal was extraordinarily dubious in the face of absolutely overwhelming evidence. I suspect corruption freed both, as "Jacobo's" Dad is known as "The urologist to the Dons" in Italian media, who feel quite confident printing this despite Italy's stringent slander laws. Anyone interested can view the evidence here. http://themurderofmeredithkercher.com/The_Evidence
    RIP Meredith Kercher. May the truth shine in your case one day.
    Thabks again for your review mate