Thursday, June 11, 2020

Icy Breasts, French Psychopathic Vixen

Icy Breasts"....really? Yes, after all, this is Zisi Emporium for B Hallmark epics here. Some French eroticism with some slasher action and a sultry heroine...wait...not heroine...but psycho-babe! Today we look at 1974's "Icy Breasts" (aka Le Seins De Glace"), directed by Georges Lautner. This French film boasts of one of the best looking psycho-babes ever put on film.
Failed novelist Francois (Claude Brasseur) desperately seeks inspiration. He walks by Peggy (Mireille Darc) and is in love and enthralled. He follows her and forces himself on her (not sexually). She's mysterious and ravishing and eventually develops a liking for this schmuck. Uh oh...she's all psycho. To her all men are vicious rapists and her stint in the insane asylum didn't help. Because she's so sultry, handsome lawyer, Marc (Alain Delon) got her sprung. Marc is a hunk in an unsatisfying why not try a psycho? Marc will try to warn Francois about Peggy but the schmuck doesn't believe him.
Marc tries to keep psycho-Peggy out of trouble by having bodyguards watch her, and eventually clean up her messes. As Peggy wields scissors and razors and men are shredded, Francois is determined to take her away from Paris. Marc keeps trying to warn Francois, and now the body count is increasing...enter the police. As Peggy sees imaginary rapists, actual men will be felled. The French beauty presents a vulnerable and beset picture to Francois and he is quite the sucker.  Now Francois gets paranoid, believing Marc just wants Peggy for himself. This may be true, but who wouldn't want a babe like this...even if she is a female Norman Bates?
Can Francois and Peggy find true love, or will Peggy's razor find Francois' jugular? Figuratively, isn't Peggy right...aren't all men rapists? How sultry does a babe have to be for us men to disregard a fast approaching razor or machete? All women are psychos and all men are rapists! There...I said it. In Euro-Trash horror this maxim holds true. Enjoy "Icy Breasts," and then make your own decision about dating homicidal lunatics.

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  1. Wonder when blacklivesmatters will have these kind of vids pulled as well, great review.