Monday, June 15, 2020

Deadly Strangers, Sex Crazed Psycho and The Parent Trap

You Hallmark fans love Hayley of "The Parent Trap." You horror fans who love gratuitous bath and lingerie scenes will also love Hayley Mills...all grown up. Yep, in 1975's "Deadly Strangers," our former child star, turned nubile damsel in much distress, will have some naughty scenes as she tries to avoid the slashes of an escaped lunatic. Today we look at a British thriller that may change the way you remember Ms. Mills.
A beautiful nurse is sexually assaulted and viciously murdered as a homicidal lunatic escapes from a British lunatic asylum. Enter Stephen (Simon Ward), he's now on the run and he seems to be quite the pervert...not! Also enter Belle (Mills). Her car has broken down and needs to get to the train station to catch one to her childhood home. Stephen, practically drooling, sees her. She stops into a diner and is fixed up with a ride to the station with Jim (Ken Hutchison) the truck driver.  This won't go well. After catching a glimpse at Belle's legs he tries to rape her. After being pummeled, Belle escapes and is sprawled in the middle of the road. Jim takes off and driving up to save the day is the pervert Stephen. She accepts a ride, even though he reeks of gin.
The two begin their relationship in an adversarial manner. After introductions are made we get an indication that Stephen is mis-representing himself. He'll get to gawk at her legs. Now the duo stop for gas on the way to the train station. Stephen peeps into the women's lavatory and watches the sultry gas station attendant (Nina Francis) change clothes. Before the duo depart, the beautiful gas-jockey will be sexually assaulted and murdered. Oblivious to all this, Belle catches a nap in the car. Now Stephen arrives at the station but tells a fib...the train has departed (no it didn't). Now Belle must spend more time with the pervert. Uh oh...we catch glimpses into Belle's backstory'll see.
Twists abound and one may even ask if Stephen is the killer? As the cops close in on the duo, daring escapes and more violence will keep them on the run. Might Stephen not be the killer? If Belle is the homicidal lunatic, why is she sexually assaulting her beautiful victims?  Is the relationship, that seems to be fostering, between Belle and Stephen a good metaphor for modern day courtship and hook-ups? Erotic and salacious, "Deadly Strangers" will show you a different side of Hayley Mills and you may not like it. For a gratuitous and twist-filled slasher film, enjoy "Deadly Strangers," directed by Sidney Hayers.

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  1. When I hear the word slash, I duck and dive from the blade!!