Saturday, June 13, 2020

WrestleMassacre, Body slamming the Gore

A hulking wrestler picks up a fat midget and body slams him...then impales him with hedge-clippers. The newest Cate Blanchett film? Nope, even better. From 2018, the low-budget  WrestleMassacre. Yep...just like a Meryl Streep film, fingers will be ripped off, heads will be ripped in half, spines will be ripped out, brains will be pulled out, breasts will be ripped off, and limbs will be...well...ripped off. All this will be delivered with body-slams, choke holds, metal folding chairs, tables, and fingers to the eyes. Let us take a look at this Brad Twigg epic.
Randy (Richie Acevedo) is an awkward landscaper going nowhere in life. He would rather be a pro-wrestler, but fate hasn't smiled on him...nor will it as the film unfolds. After doing a peeping-tom thing on a big breasted babe in the shower, he is fired. Becky (Rosanna Nelson), is a babe who has showed him kindness in the past. Randy takes his life savings and tries to enroll in a wrestling school. He's humiliated by the staff and sent home. His own dad, a former wrestler, then rejects him. He goes insane and dons some tights and knee pads...and goes on a killing spree.
He'll go through dozens, all in gory fashion. Body slams and ripping heads off are his favorite moves. He'll revisit the wrestling school and leave it in a mess of internal organs and blood. He'll revisit old employers, and customers...and they won't fare better. The trail of shredded corpses will lead to the beautiful Becky. Uh oh...Becky has her own problems with a worthless husband (Julio Bana Fernandez) and a sleazy crime-gang. As the bloody conclusion approaches, a midget will be slammed and impaled, other goons will be turned inside-out...and the nubile will be endangered.
Will Randy end up with Becky, either willingly or in the form of a conquest? Is there any stopping the psycho-wrestler? Could Gail Kim or Awesome Kong have fared better against Randy? Gory and gratuitous...whether it be shower scenes or dissection scenes, this film will surely gratify.  So feel free to bug out on the Cate Blanchett double feature and enjoy WrestleMassacre.

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  1. Shame Kate didn't appear in it, another great wrestling film has Mickey Rourke in it, but this one sounds better. Big breast, did you mention?