Sunday, June 21, 2020

Night Killer, Giallo Hits Virginia Beach

Along about 1990, some sleazy Italian horror films were made at American beaches. Not too far from where I live, Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso gave us 1990's "Night Killer." Shot in Virginia Beach, this one has the deranged eroticism of Giallo but in the U.S. The wild plot with twists and a schizophrenic damsel are plot devices we need to see more of. Rape, torture, mutilate, and kill are four words that will guide us through this slasher epic.
A slasher sporting a grotesque rubber mask and a claw rapes, tortures, mutilates and kills two beautiful dancers during rehearsal. He isn't done. The sultry Melanie (Tara Buckman) is at home doing what she does best...taking her top off and fondling herself. Her phone rings and its the killer...he's in the house. He straps her to the bed, rapes her, humiliates her, and doesn't kill her. Why? You'll see this scene later during the reveal. Now she's traumatized with total amnesia. She doesn't remember her own name. Oh yeah...she's also diagnosed schizophrenic. Enter Axel (Paul Hooten). He's a sex pervert who follows Melanie into a ladies room. She gets the drop on him and humiliates him. Not to be outdone, the naked Axel follows Melanie to a beach where she attempts suicide.
Okay...believe me...the above plot description is accurate. It gets crazier. Axel turns out also to be a crazed and perverted psycho. He saves Melanie from suicide and abducts her. She is now his prisoner. He'll tie her up to bedposts, cut her clothes off, and make her beg to be raped. He'll rape her and humiliate her some more.  Meanwhile, more beauties are being raped, humiliated, and impaled by the clawed menace. Now Melanie's schizophrenia makes her compliant to the pervert and even dependent on his abuse and humiliation. Uh oh...Melanie, now lost in her schizophrenia may be as dangerous as Axel.
Wait! Is Axel the clawed killer? Who is in more danger, Melanie or Axel? If Axel isn't the killer...then...well, you'll see. This is a wild one in which everyone is insane. Beautiful woman will be tortured, raped, and horribly killed...ala Giallo. This is one to stroke your prurient interests with eroticism, gore, and gratuitous nudity and sexual warned. For a horrific orgy of slasher fare, see "Night Killer."


  1. Reading review now, but that groping picture, wow, how suggestive, grope grope grope and grope, they are the four words i'm focusing on!!

  2. Bruno Mattei?! Claudio Fragasso?! WHY WASN'T I INFORMED OF THIS BEFORE??!! :O Bruno's one of my gave directors his films are shamelessly entertaining for the most part, can't believe I never heard of this one, thanks a million for the heads up and great review as always mate :)