Saturday, May 30, 2020

Cheerleader Chainsaw Chicks, Powersaws and 80s Rock

Okay, I's feature gets a 2.1/10 rating on IMDB. But...if "The English Patient" gets a 7.6/10 rating, 2018's "Cheerleader Chainsaw Chicks" is a 9.8/10 film. Okay, one may suggest this is a flawed effort...perhaps, but it is a far better film than "Thor," "The English Patient," and "The Dark Knight." We have some lovely protagonists doing stupid things and saying inane logic. Most of all...something about this offering was pure fun. Directed by Virginia Perfili, don't be ashamed to put this one on.
A cheerleader trio, Michelle (Alexis Giller), Andrea (Chloe White), and Pamela (Calli Hynes) drive to a cheerleading camp/competition on the other side of L.A. They get there and meet the sweaty lumberjack maintenance man, Diesel (David Moore). They then meet the camp director, Axel (Quinn Sharrow). He's a hunk and will take the lovely trio on a mystical musical tour through 80s Rock. The gals will enjoy this and discover Axel is a suave guy who is also in movies. Awe struck, the trio hop around a bit, sunbathe, practice a little and flirt with Axel. Oh yeah, Lana (Elizabeth Smith), a cheerleader from Yugoslavia shows up alone...her teammates didn't make it through customs.
Everyone will dance and enjoy more 80s nostalgia. Uh oh...someone robbed a government installation of...stuff. The cheerleaders find the stolen stuff. Bad news for them, the bad guys know the cheerleaders have their stuff. The bad guys kidnap Michelle's dog. If Michelle wants her dog back, she'll have to cough up the stuff. Axel to the rescue, he has a plan. Now the four cheerleaders arm themselves and set a trap for the thieves. They don their cheerleader garb, grab chainsaws, hedge-clippers, weed-whackers, and other stuff. The exchange is arranged and war is imminent.
Will any of our trio, or Lana have pre-marital sex with Axel? Is this film an attempt to revive the "Charlie's Angels" theme? When did Yugoslavia reunify...and does that mean Arch Duke Ferdinand has returned? Hey...a film about cheerleaders is so more preferable than anything Meryl Streep has ever given us. For some weird and frivolous fun, see "Cheerleader Chainsaw Chicks, " and then boast to all your friends and colleagues that you saw this film.


  1. great stuff, my kind of movie.

  2. Hot chicks and chainsaws! What could be better?

  3. Christopher, I recall watching "Chainsaw Cheerleaders" (2008) with lovely Tiffany Shepis. Is this related sequel or all new hijinks?