Friday, June 12, 2020

Debbie Rochon's Kill-Devil Rum-Ble, Coffee Review

Debbie Rochon is one of today's most versatile and profound horror actresses. The lovely beauty is responsible for so many scares and fine films. Her movies have graced this blog often. How many of you know she has a coffee? I found this out by accident and immediately ordered some. Coffee Shop of Horrors distributes many fine blends, including the sweet and deliciously macabre Kill-Devil Rum-Ble by Debbie Rochon . A major league babe in horror filmdom, Debbie Rochon has also made a coffee...I'm sold already...but is this coffee any good? I tried it...and here is my verdict.
My admiration of Debbie Rochon has limits. I would not have purchased veggie-burgers or cucumber shakes from her. However, Ms. Rochon doesn't just make films, the ones we actually want to see...she has branded a coffee...and it is one I, and you, will want to imbibe. First off...this blend is caramel and rum. Most blends with this combo will be heavy on the caramel and the rum part may be missing to most taste-buds. Not Kill-Devil Rum-Ble! Those of us who like our coffee blends with a sweet taste (just like our woman), will gravitate to this one. The rum flavor is appropriately pronounced so as not to drown out the sweetness, but to enhance the coffee drinking experience with a measured adult flavor.
This is fine tasting coffee which will wake you up in the morning with all the playfulness and macabre plot lines of a Ms. Rochon film. I am writing my sixth novel and my writing begins at 5:30am. Of late I have been accompanied on my computer by Debbie Rochon, in the form of Kill-Devil Rum-Ble. The caramel and rum combo, and the care it took to ground it just right with the right amount of flavors, will also diminish the coffee breath experience which many of the mega-brands of coffee leave you with (Folgers and Maxwell House). The effervescent and sultry actress' coffee will leave none of the evils with you after you have drained your cup.
The links are included above. Debbie Rochon's  Kill-Devil Rum-Ble is a sensational coffee that provides a perfect way to wake-up and start your day. The beautifully crafted artwork on the package also makes it a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays...and yes...Halloween! Order the blend today...and let your love for horror films guide your morning coffee routine.

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