Thursday, June 25, 2020

Isle of the Dead, Zombie-Fest Syfy Style

Fans of Syfy (The Asylum) films are going to love today's feature. We have billions (okay, maybe thousands) of zombies, a mad-scientist, a SEAL team filled with hunks (most will die horribly), a babe SEAL, and a sultry CIA scientist. In 2016's "Isle of the Dead," the damage done to zombie movies and TV by "The Walking Dead" is put on hold for 90 minutes.
A top secret military biological warfare laboratory is out of control. The island complex is overrun by their experiments...zombies. Trying to weaponize the Ebola virus has its the scientific team finds out. Ten years later a SEAL team is sent in to recover the data for the experiments and possibly survivors. The SEAL team is all hunks except for Asian babe Duggan (Sydney Viengluans). Duggan is bad-a** and looks like the perfect fodder for a series of graphic novels. This won't be the case as the team is beset by zombies and this beauty is the first to go...ouch! Lt. Paul Graham (Joey Lawrence) leads the SEAL survivors to the laboratory. Also along for the ride is the beautiful blonde CIA scientist Mikeala (Maryse Mizanin). She is a no-nonsense, kick-boxing babe...and a scientist.
After fighting off more zombie hordes, the team reaches the lab and meets...a survivor! Wexler (D.C. Douglas). He was head mad scientist, the Dr. Fauci of his time. Wexler has survived...sort of. In reality, he was bitten and has been drugging himself in order to hold off becoming a full fledged zombie. Oh yes, he has made some of the zombies semi-intelligent and also has some anomalies locked up. The anomalies are super-zombies that are bigger and more vicious. Uh oh...Wexler continues his experiments on the SEALs (ala Dr. Fauci). Now the anomalies get loose and the sultry Mikeala tries to figure out...I don't know, something scientific. We'll see Mikeala in some gratuitous kickboxing matches with zombie hordes...which is quite uplifting. Now the SEAL survivors and Mikeala try to escape the island'll see.
Did Duggan's early death in this film kill its chances at Oscar nominations? Will a zombie Duggan and the sultry Mikeala end up in a twisted cat-fight? Is Wexler a mere cryptic foreshadowing of Dr. Fauci? This might be one of the best films made by The Asylum. Some cheese, some beef, explosions, a nuke or two, and one mean mad-scientist make "Isle of the Dead" (directed by Nick Lyon), a must-see. 

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  1. Great review. Found heaps of old b grade movies on by the way.