Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Psychophonia, Phone Calls From Beyond

Our new smart phones are amazing. All sorts of apps doing neat stuff. We can keep track of space stations, ocean liners, and celebrities. I'm sure there is a limit to what are phones can do. Not in 2016's "Psychophonia" (aka "Deadly Signal"), however. For a very pretty damsel in distress, the smart phone receives calls from 'the other side,' which just might save her life.
A loving couple, Lilli (Dedette Lim) and Jeremy (Mitchell Fink) awake one morning. Jeremy goes out for a jog...and is brutally murdered. After his death, the killer castrates him. Detective Becker (Daniel Quinn) breaks the news to Lilli. She is distraught and shocked. It gets worse. Lilli keeps receiving calls from Jeremy's phone, including one 20 minutes after his death. The phone company says there is no record of the calls. It gets seedy,now. Jeremy had a secret life. A free love cult filled with perverted swingers apparently took up his spare time. Now Lilli calls a paranormal investigator, Dennis (Andrew W. Walker). He's useless except for pre-marital sex.
Now Lilli investigates and infiltrates the free-love cult. Surprise...some lesbian action between Lilli and Jeremy's first wife, Angel (Jennimay Walker) result.  Uh oh again, the cult leader Rudger (Mark Gantt) oozes of a psycho-cult-killer in everything he says and does. Jeremy keeps calling Lilli...never able to speak. Now Lilli gets all sexed up, plows deep into the free-love thing...and sets herself up to be the next victim.
Will Lilli uncover her husband's killer? Will the useless paranormal investigator do anything worthwhile...other than the Venus Butterfly? Just what are the motives of Jeremy's sultry ex-wife, Angel? This is a neat paranormal thriller with many erotic undertones. For a taste of the otherworldly, with some kinky eroticism thrown in, see "Psychophonia."

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  1. That verged on poetry, the 'other' side needs to be respected!