Friday, May 22, 2020

Hatchetman, Fiend Slices Up Strippers

Yes! A straight-to-DVD, low budget, exploitation epic...with strippers! Oops, sorry...exotic dancers. There will be much cheesecake, gratuitous dances, gratuitous shower scenes, pre-marital sex, and graphic hatchet killings. 2003's "Hatchetman," directed by Robert Tiffe has everything we want as far as modern day sexploitation and slasher films go. The beautiful will die quite horribly and the killer is a perfect slasher villain.
Exotic dancer Brittany (Fonta Sawyer) is taken apart by a hatchet mas who absconds with her hands. The suspect is her violent ex-boyfriend Daniel (Daniel Brown). Her colleagues are terrified but still give it their all on stage. Claudia (Cheryl Burns) is a terrific performer and applying to law school. She dates and has a lot of pre-marital sex with Sonny (John Briddell), the detective . Uh oh, another of Claudia's colleagues, Michelle (Elizabeth Ryan).gets axed up the next night...and her hands are missing. Sonny is on the case and the whole department is still searching for Daniel.
Gratuitous shower scenes and more gratuitous exotic dance numbers occur. The dancers all live at the same apartment complex where some pervert sneaks into their bedrooms to steal their panties. Oh yeah...Rob (Chris Moir) has installed hidden cameras in the dancers' bedrooms so he can get his own private shows. So yes...Daniel isn't the only suspect. Meanwhile, the grouchy Star (Mia Zottoli) yells a lot at the other girls, takes a gratuitous shower, and keeps dancing. Rob is infatuated by her and when she turns up dead, and missing hands, he becomes a suspect. More ladies will die and Claudia gets accepted to law school and Sonny buys her a sweet. Our killer gets bolder and the cops still don't have any leads on Daniel's whereabouts.
Will any of our exotic dancers survive the wrath of the hand stealing hatchetman? If any ladies do survive, will they celebrate with more gratuitous showers? Will Claudia lose our sympathies as she begins her transition from exotic dancer This is a bloody and gratuitous one. If excessive nudity and gore offend you, go watch some boring Cate Blanchett film. For a great tale of when the misogyny of men meets the exhibitionist tendencies of women...see "Hatchetman."

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  1. oh it has lots going on, might have to steal the plot line!!